Here you will find details about me/us and the website as a whole, along with our hopes for the future.

Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission at is to provide a wide variety of useful information that will help bring further enjoyment to your motorcycle riding.

To do this, you will find articles covering many aspects of motorcycle riding, and with these, we will introduce products that may be of interest and help you long term.

Extraordinary Experiences

What you may not know about me is that I actually work six day weeks in my shop. Although I enjoy most of my time behind the counter I always enjoy getting out in the fresh air whenever I can.

Hobbies I get myself involved with during my spare time are lawn bowls, fishing, and hill walking. Whatever gets me out in the sunshine does me good!

Our Core Values

Everyone I deal with in life, I try to help them and work with them, hoping they would do so. Whenever a bad egg comes my way and wants to cause trouble, I would rather walk away and deal with someone better. Life is too short, and I must be getting old!

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