Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets are essential for long journies and make life easier and better than the way it was in the past. One reason is, if you need to speak to your buddies while riding or attend to an emergency call, you had to stop to do it. Now, you can facilitate this by wearing the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet that you can afford.

ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 

Going through the reviews about Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, you will come across an overwhelming selection available to you. As an experienced motorcyclist, you would surely think that you should go for the best you can afford if you buy something you will use it long term. Having a more hi-tech helmet will certainly make your future journey not just safer but also a lot more fun.

In this motorcycle helmet article, you will find helpful tips and the best selections to consider if you plan to have your own Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet. This best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet buying guide comes with product suggestions and links to top quality items worth checking before buying.

Are Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets worth it?

Yes, Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets are worth it, and they are becoming the trend nowadays for bikers and motorcyclists. Like any other gadgets, Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets are not for everyone, but most riders find it worth it and more comfortable to use than the usual Motorcycle Helmets. Let’s find out why!

Here are Some Benefits of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet:

Head Protection 

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common road accidents nowadays. It can be easily avoided by following the most straightforward laws and always wear a helmet. 

A Bluetooth full-face helmet also has the added advantage of safety over technology because these helmets perform their primary function quite efficiently. 

A helmet can protect you by reducing the risk of brain trauma/injury from an accident and reducing the risk of death.

Helmet Communication

These hi-tech helmets make life easier and far simpler for those who want to talk to their friends when driving. The control with a built-in Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is hands-free, and so, there are minimum distractions while going.

Music With Your Helmet

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets are hassle-free solutions to listen to music while riding; you can connect them to your smartphone. It will also not block external noises like horns honking, which is very important for your riding safety.

GPS Helmet Access

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets with an excellent navigation feature is likely very helpful. You can follow the direction required through listening and hands-free. It is safer than navigating your smartphone whilst moving, and there is no need to stop.

Modern Helmets Have Increased Comfort

Through this helmet’s advanced feature, riding will be safer and a lot more fun. Changing to a more modern helmet will increase your comfort level.

With the number of benefits that the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets can offer, you also need to consider some drawbacks of this helmet type.

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Here are Some Drawbacks of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets:

Helmet Price

Some helmets could be costly because they come with many features that most motorcyclists don’t need. The music feature of almost any motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth would always have some issues, especially over 60mph. 

These helmets are primarily there for the talking function. In some, the volume doesn’t come with controls, while others don’t offer high enough volume. Going for a cheap Bluetooth helmet means compromising both looks and quality, which means that overly affordable options are usually not good enough.

Helmet Weight 

Normal helmets are lighter than Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets, and it might not be suitable for some riders who enjoy long drives. This being said, the difference is not that large.

Have you decided to invest in Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

If yes, then I cannot stress enough that you shouldn’t be stingy when you look for a high-tech motorcycle helmet. This purchase isn’t an area where you should save money because it is essential to your motorcycle experience. 

In this part of the Bluetooth helmet article, we will provide some pointers to consider when you go through the Bluetooth helmet reviews and make your final choice.

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What Factors Should I Consider When Purchasing a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Considering the correct factors prior to making your helmet purchase will help ensure you get exactly what you need and expect for your money.

Here are the factors to consider:

Bluetooth Helmet Price 

Get the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets that meet your needs and affordable for you.

Bluetooth Helmet Benefits and drawbacks 

Knowing these things, you can enjoy the best Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet with minimum fuss. Reading the reviews, you will learn more and build a better understanding.

Bluetooth Helmet Features 

Surely, not all Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets have the same functionality. Therefore, it is crucial to define your needs/requirements to ensure you get what you need.

Bluetooth Helmet Water Resistance

The Bluetooth function of Bluetooth helmets behaves quite erratically when it encounters excess water moisture. As such, you should always look for a helmet that comes with an improved waterproof feature. 

Both the mic and the speakers will frequently encounter sweat, and the humidity inside the helmet can also cause condensation. As such, both these parts should be waterproof so that the helmet can enjoy a long life. Additionally, helmet ventilation will be needed to reduce sweat damage.

Bluetooth Helmet Functionality Ease

When looking for a motorcycle helmet with built-in speakers, you need something that would allow you to shuffle music, change the volume, and effortlessly switch between talking and listening. 

There are some Bluetooth helmets out there that do not offer volume control, and you can go for that if you are not going to use your helmet for listening to music. Always look for hands-free controls, and these are generally in higher-end models that also offer voice control.

Bluetooth Helmet Noise Cancellation Feature

Most of the latest motorcycle systems come with noise-canceling options. It can help reduce surrounding noises so that you can enjoy the music you are playing on the system. It can also help minimize microphone noise while on a call.

Again you will hear more clearly if the microphone has been fitted with a noise reduction feature. This feature is vital, especially during windy weather or when riding very fast.

Bluetooth Helmet Design and Materials

When you analyze the exterior and the overall look of motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth built-in, look at the paint’s quality. The color and design are crucial for looks and ensure that the helmet stands wear and tear quickly. 

If the paint finish is of low quality, the helmet will start looking old and lackluster in a matter of a few months. Metallic paint with double lacquer is a popular option that adds great looks to the helmet but doesn’t compromise quality.

Helmet Bluetooth Quality

Most notably, Bluetooth should be compatible with all kinds of phones, especially the one you are using currently. If you are using an old phone model, it should connect easily with that even still. 

The Bluetooth should also have a decent range of at least 500 feet for the best results.

Bluetooth Headsets for Full-Face Helmets

As mentioned, Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets are not for everyone. If there are motorcyclists too attached to their helmets to replace them, motorcycle helmet Bluetooth speaker kits are available in the market that makes life easier. 

These kits can be fitted quite simply, and each will come with a set of instructions for you to follow.

Best Selling Motorcycle Bluetooth on Amazon:

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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Article Conclusion:

No matter which of the many Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet options you choose to go for, you should know that a Bluetooth helmet is an investment that could yield significant returns for a long time. You can decide to make one hefty investment once or multiple small ones every year using a payment scheme.

Because the price of these helmets is not cheap in any way, you should consider online stores. Here you get the advantage of a fantastic variety when you shop online, along with more competitive pricing and sales. 

If you have chosen a popular model, you can even go to the actual store, get yourself fitted, and find the size, and then you can make your purchase online. This is a little cheeky but worth considering.

Why deal with noisy screaming when you are on the road with your friends when you can enjoy crystal clear conversation using a Bluetooth helmet? Buy your ideal Bluetooth helmet now and say goodbye to noise and communication frustrations.

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