How to Conduct Professional Motorcycle Maintenance Independently

Motorcycle maintenance is a vital part of ensuring road safety. A motorcycle helps you to different places quickly by easily avoiding traffic. What happens when the bike stops functioning or develops signs of damage? Motorcycle maintenance is the next best option to ensure the machine functions well. Below are a few motorcycle maintenance tasks that keep you one step ahead and running.

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9 Easy Regular Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks To Undertake

Use this motorcycle maintenance checklist to keep yourself and everyone else safe on the road.

Use fresh fuel.

If you haven’t driven your motorcycle for long, ensure you first change the fuel. Gasoline tends to go stale when it sits in the fuel tank too long. Siphon carefully the fuel out of the tank and replace it with fresh fuel. Clearly, it would be best to time the service with a low level in the fuel tank.

Check the oil.

Ensure you change the oil and replace the oil filter before taking the motorcycle out. Changing the oil after several thousand miles keeps the engine running correctly.

Check the battery life.

Some riders tend to disconnect the batteries when they use them less and recharge them every one or two months. Once they reconnect the batteries, the motorcycle is ready to run again.

However, if the battery has been sitting idle all long, it is probably dead. If it is a relatively new one, it is okay to charge it up. Unfortunately, if it’s three or four years or older, you will discover that it doesn’t store a charge and has a hard time charging. As such, the best option would be to replace the battery with a new one.

Check the tire pressure.

It is not just what is on the outside that counts. Air pressure is crucial for your safety and general motorcycle performance. Ensure you fill the tires to the adequate pressure and scrutinize them before running the motorcycle.

Inspect tire tread.

Once you have inflated the tires adequately, check the treads for sidewall bubbles, bald spots. Also, keep an eye out for any other warning signs that your motorcycle tires are not safe for the road. It is easier to replace tires than repair a broken bike after a tire failure or blowout.

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Get plenty of fluid checks.

Gas and oil are not the only liquids on which your bike depends. Coolant and brake fluid are crucial for motorcycle maintenance. They tend to leak when the motorcycle is left standing for long. It is advisable to check your fluid levels and refill or top them off. You can flush out the old fluids and replace them with new, fresh ones.

Don’t forget your cables.

Grease and oil in your cable housing can dry up after some time, affecting your throttle and clutch performance. You can restore oil using a hydraulic cable oiler. You can also take it to your local mechanic repair to do it on your behalf.

Shine and repolish your bike.

Finally, ensure you give your motorcycle a proper cleaning. Cleaning protects your paint and makes the motorcycle look fantastic. Frequent cleaning also keeps the bike in good working condition.

Can I Service My Motorcycle?

Yes, if you have the knowledge and ability. Some riders believe they will void their motorcycle warranty if they conduct service independently or if they take the bike to a mechanic and not the dealer. In most states, laws prevent automotive dealers from tying you into servicing or voiding your warranty if you service the bike independently or with a mechanic’s help.

However, the issue of bike maintenance is more complicated than that. You can void the warranty if either you or the mechanic use inferior parts or if the bike maintenance is not done regularly as prescribed in the manual or don’t abide by proper maintenance tips.

Most modern bikes have complex computer software that requires updating, just like your pc, smartphones, and tablets. While your phone may be easy to update, not everyone, including mechanics, knows how or have diagnostic tools to update the engine’s ECU.

Some home mechanics, or even you, can conduct many jobs like checking and replacing brake pads, brake and clutch fluids, coolant, and engine oil. However, it is best to leave the more highly technical motorcycle maintenance tasks to the genuinely qualified experts.

So, yes, you can service your motorcycle. Most importantly, ensure you purchase genuine parts and consumables.

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What Motorcycle Is Easy to Maintain?

Choosing a motorcycle is an exciting time since there are different styles and looks available in the market. But whether you are looking at a sports bike or an ordinary bike, you need to consider the purchasing cost and maintenance level.

Here are options not to consider if you are looking for the most straightforward motorcycle for DIY repair and maintenance.

Bikes with complex electronics.

Newer bike models have more challenging DIY repairs. For instance, an oil change is almost entirely relatively easy in standard bikes. Unfortunately, more recent models may require you to connect the motorcycle to a computer to reset the motorcycle parameters.

Bikes with less information.

Bikes with less to no information on the manual are hard to maintain. There is no point in starting a task if you only have half the details you need to complete correctly. There are often quirks to some of the more unusual bikes processes involved within a service. If you make a mistake guessing what is needed, you may end up spending a lot of your hard-earned cash to fix it afterward.

Bikes with available parts.

The easiest motorcycles to maintain are those with readily available spare parts. The components used should be genuine. Before you buy your motorbike, you should check that parts are readily available and at a level of the cost you are happy to purchase. I had this problem with a car once when I found that the min dealer had to do the main servicing. Needless to say, I was stung heavily.

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Single or multi-cylinder.

Sticking with a bike with fewer components is easier to work upon. I would suggest this when you are new to riding and new to maintaining your own bike. If you are the sort of person who likes to take items apart, then great, but if not, then keep it simple.

Two-stroke or four-stroke.

This factor is relatively unimportant. However, if you have to consider it and want to conduct maintenance on the entire bike, 2-stroke engines are easier to maintain. Again as I have stated above, stick within your capabilities and don’t guess. Guessing can lead to higher risks of safety and higher costs for repairs.

Is It Hard to Maintain a Motorcycle?

Yes and no, depending on your mechanical experience. Maintaining a motorcycle can be challenging, especially if you have limited access to spare parts. If you also lack information and expertise, motorcycle maintenance can be challenging for you.

Fortunately, maintaining a motorcycle is also not hard. With access to information, tools, and genuine spare parts, it is easy to perform a few motorcycle maintenance tasks. It is also easier if you take the bike to a professional for maintenance services.

What is Included in a Full Motorcycle Service?

What makes up a full motorcycle service tends to vary from garage to garage. Generally, it should highlight and address any issues that may affect the machine’s operations.

Engine Checks

· Oil change
· New air & oil filter
· New spark plugs
· Check and replace coolant

Chassis and Brake Checks

· Removal and cleaning of brake calipers
· Degreasing of the brake piston
· Inspection of the hydraulic brake fluid system
· Cleaning and lubricating of control cables, pivots, and levers
· Adjustment of clutch and throttle
· Checking of wheel bearings
· Inspecting the operation of the front fork
· Checking the steering play and race bearing kit
· Checking and lubricating the main and side stands

All these tend to vary across different motorcycle repair houses and motorbike types. Additional changes in environmental conditions will also mean a change to servicing requirements. For example, if you are in a hot sandy environment, your air filters will need servicing far more often than those in a damp climate.

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Motorcycle Maintenance Article Conclusion

Motorcycle maintenance puts you ahead of many unfortunate incidences that can be stopped by a little upfront time. It helps you avoid accidents by keeping all parts functioning well. Fortunately, if you can’t handle these motorcycle maintenance tasks, you can take the bike to an expert for a comprehensive and safe diagnosis.

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