How to Prepare for Your First Motorcycle Trip

It is lovely to see how more and more people are starting to use motorcycles for road trips. Knowing how to prepare for your first motorcycle trip is the first step in the right direction all riders must take.

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No matter if you are going by yourself or with a few buddies, the bike road trip is one exciting and relaxed experience. Not only that it’s cool and exciting, but it is also a remarkably fuel-efficient way to travel.

But before you decide to take a more extended trip with your bike, there are some things you need to know. My first road trip was a rash decision. Although I reached my destination and got back home safely, I learned a few things on the road that I was supposed to know before I hit the road.

Here is some advice I can give you on how to prepare for your first motorcycle trip. It is much better to know these things before you hit the road than to learn them on the run.

Comfortable Bike and Right Position

It matters little which motorcycle you purchased or what kind of bike you are riding as long as you are comfortable with it. Sometimes, the bike you chose will go through a range of modifications for you to feel comfortable while riding it. 

If there is a need for these, get them done as soon as you can, but to your liking.

The most common changes that the bikers make on their bikes are changing the handlebar or getting a more comfortable seat. If you plan to travel by night a lot, you might need to change the headlights.

Riding your bike well is much more important than looking for a cool biker.

You probably don’t pay much attention to your riding position during your city rides. After some mileage, some experience so much back pain that they needed a back massage asap, which is a good reason you should invest in a good seat and maybe even a backrest for boosted support.

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The Motorcycle Trip Length

Long rides can feel like an eternity sometimes. If you are not used to riding more than a few hours, you probably shouldn’t jump into a road trip just yet. I would advise you to take some practice rides first.

Windshields and Windscreens Are Your Friends.

Yeah, I know windshields are ugly. For city rides, I still prefer my bike without the windscreen. But when you hit the highway, that wind that you love to feel on your body will get so exhausting after two hours at 80 mph, and it’s only getting worse.

After some time, you will most definitely need to slow down a bit to give your hands a rest. So when it comes to long road trips, the windshield is not ugly, and it’s your friend.

Gear Up with the Correct Motorcycle Clothing

A riding leather jacket, riding leather pants, ankle boots, full-face helmet, leather gloves, and knee and elbow guards! You need them all! Make sure that your gear is your size, so you feel comfortable in it.

When you get all dressed up, you might feel a bit silly and solemn, but trust me, that feeling will disappear as soon as you get on your bike. You will feel much safer, and you will have that biker feel.

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Ear Safety – Earplugs Are Fantastic.

No matter how much you love the sound of your bike, you need to consider earplugs. Some may say that wearing earplugs while riding is not cool at all, but there is also nothing cool about losing your hearing.

You will be surprised how loud highways can be when you are on the bike, so pack some earplugs. You can always take them out if you don’t like them.

Pack Light and Minimize the Luggage

There is a great range of motorcycle luggage on the market from which to choose yours. You can find everything from metal to soft textile luggage, bags that you can mount on the back seat of your bike, bags that go on the sides, pockets that hug your tank.

But the amount of things you can carry is still limited. Make sure that you don’t overpack. My advice is to pack as much disposable stuff as possible so you can use and discard it to cut some weight as you go.

Also, please don’t take too many clothes with you but instead wash and reuse them. When packing the clothes, don’t pack them the standard way. If you try to roll it, you will see that it takes a lot less space.

Don’t forget to take essential medicines and a first aid kit. That’s a must!

Being Prepared for the Weather

An old saying among the bikers states that you will end up wet, cold, and hot on every motorcycle trip. This weather problem is not far from the truth, especially on long road trips.

So be prepared for every condition and some clothes, changes on the road. And prepare yourself mentally for some discomfort.

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Route Planning – Know Your Route.

Not everyone can remember all the roads and all the right turns, but I that you generally know where you’re going to avoid losing time. Technology is something that makes your life much more comfortable in this case.

You can always use the navigation on your smartphone or even carry a screenshot of the map if you end up somewhere where you don’t have reception.

Take Breaks – Time for Time Outs.

The road trip is not a marathon! You have to know that both your bike and you need a break. Depending on the terrain, you should take few minute breaks every few miles. But make sure that you don’t take too many holidays because you will break your riding flow.

When you take a break, refill your water supplies and check if you have enough fuel in the tank. I would recommend that you use gas stations for this.

Carry Your Tools and Essential Spare Parts – Just in Incase

You should have a basic knowledge of bike repairing if you are going on a road trip alone. Remember that every bike has different requirements, and it is best to consult the mechanic and see what the essential spares you need to take on the road are.

Generally, you should always include spare break and gas cables, engine oil, spark plugs, and spare tube. Ensuring that the engine is service checked before your trip starting will minimize again what you may have had to carry.

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How to Prepare for Your First Motorcycle Trip Article Conclusion

You might feel miserable during the first few hours of your first motorcycle road trip, but that will go away after some miles. Just make sure you have everything well prepared, and you will continue to have a wonderful experience.

I can tell you that after the first road trip, you will want to take another one as soon as possible. I know I did. Ride steady, ride safely!

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