To Ride Alone or to Join a Motorcycle Club – Here’s How You Can Finally Decide

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To ride alone or to join a motorcycle club, here’s how you can finally decide which is best for you as we cover what you need to consider before you jump in head first.

Are you gearing up to join a motorcycle club or looking forward to a solo riding adventure in the wild? There will always be a distinct preference between you and the next rider. 

Same as there are many different motorcycles, there are also many different bikers out there. Some of us ride casually, while others live to ride. Some of us ride bikes merely for our daily commute, while others prefer to explore these beloved motorcycles on long road trips. Some of us like to ride alone, while others love to be a part of motorcycle clubs.

There are many bike groups today, and although being part of a motorcycle club can be so much fun, there are also many perks when riding solo. Browse ahead to see the reasons why you should keep on riding, whether with a motorcycle club or not.

The Best Reasons Why You Should Join A Motorcycle Club

You Become Part of a Loyal Family and Share in the Values of the Brotherhood

One of the best and perhaps most remarkable things about being part of a motorcycle club is BROTHERHOOD. Most, if not all, of bikers in these clubs, consider each other brothers. It’s incredible to think that a band of loyal brothers will always have your back, offer their support, and treat you like family.

When joining a motorcycle club, you learn how camaraderie, trust, respect, and commitment between members can help establish a united community. These are the people who will share in your passion for riding and become the support group you never knew you needed, making your riding days more fun and unforgettable.

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You Learn Responsibility and Discipline

Often riding as a group, this activity calls for rules and order. To be a member of a motorcycle club means you need to rise above your personal prejudices while fostering trust and respect.

This kind of behavior makes you disciplined and responsible, which can greatly positively affect other aspects of your life. The remarkable thing is, if you’re committed to your club, you actually like to impose this responsibility and discipline on yourself because of your love for riding and your respect for your brothers.

You’re Safer on the Road

Group rides are undeniably much safer. If you get into trouble at some point, there’s always someone watching your back. And if you think about it, there is something noble in that spirit. Knowing that someone’s got your back and you got theirs makes you feel like part of something bigger than yourself.

What’s more, you get to learn so much about motorcycle culture, including tips and tricks on the road, when you join a motorcycle club with many long-time riders. Regardless of being a riding newbie or a veteran, you can’t deny that there’s always room for you to improve. From tested techniques to surprising shortcuts, joining a motorcycle club will help you gain ground and raise your game.

You Get to Learn About Different Bikes

Everyone loves their bikes, but everyone also likes to try someone else’s ride now and then. Joining a motorcycle club allows you to do that. With so many riders, there are so many bikes to look at carefully. What do they have to offer? What’s so special about them? 

Aside from trying different fine-tuned bikes, you can also learn so much about mechanical details and maintenance. This can also give you more ideas about the customization of your own bike.

You Get to Party (A Lot!)

You ride with your buddies, you meet new and exciting people, and you party like an animal. Yes, the bikers have the most insane parties ever. The brothers’ festive atmosphere makes any party great, whether it’s just hanging out in a bar or an organized rock concert where all bike clubs are welcome.

The best part is, there is always one of your brothers there to prevent you from riding if you’ve had more than a few drinks.

You Simply Enjoy the Long Road with Awesome Company

Everything is better when you can share it with someone, especially with people who share the same passion as you for bikes and riding. The ride with your buddies will bring you lots of happy and memorable moments. You’ve built a strong support network with your brothers, and, in turn, they’ll share many of your achievements and other most precious moments with you. One day you’ll have someone to remember those moments with! It’s a great new road to fun and adventure!

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Riding Solo and Why It’s A Great Thing, Too

You Don’t Deal with Drama.

Believe it or not, you can’t avoid drama and conflict when it comes to motorcycle clubs. Even if you consider yours to be a tight-knit of loyal members, there’s always someone who’s set to have a misunderstanding with some other member from your own group or another club. Sometimes, it can even escalate to violence. When you’re riding alone, you’re less likely to expose yourself to these circumstances.

You Can Manage Your Time at Your Own Hands

Motorcycle clubs have meetings, rides, parties, and many other activities that take up a lot of time and energy. When you’re young and have fewer priorities to juggle, this won’t be a problem at all. However, growing older often comes with the responsibility of raising a family and other adulting issues that can’t turn your back on. 

On the other hand, being a solo rider allows you to manage your time however you want. You can smoothly ride in your free time and still leave enough time for your family, job, and other aspects of your life.

You Stay Away from the Stigma Surrounding Motorcycle Clubs

The police continuously monitor some motorcycle clubs. If you join one of the “one-percenters” clubs, they might as well keep an eye on you, too. It’s no secret that some of these clubs are involved in criminal activities, and the police are well aware of that.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not involved in any criminal activities- just wearing the club’s colors can sometimes get you in trouble.

You Can Ride Your Own Routes and At Your Speed

No matter how relaxed and safe riding in a bike club can be, sometimes you want to stop and relax. If you stop to relax because you feel tired, there are minimal chances that you will be able to catch up with the rest of your group unless you ride very fast, which isn’t safe at all.

When riding solo, there’s no pressure to stay together in your pack so you can set your own pace. If you want to ride at a relaxed pace, nobody’s judging and stopping you.

When you’re riding alone, you can stop whenever you want to stretch your legs or have a cigarette. You can even set the camp on the side of the road if you’re going to sleep, and no one will be there to give you a hard time. Choose your routes and ride wherever you want!

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Motorcycle Club Conclusion

Take your time before deciding on wanting to stay committed to and be supported by a motorcycle club or experience total freedom when riding solo. Consider the pros and cons sides of both and then think about it very well and carefully. Joining a motorcycle club can significantly improve your riding skills and help you become involved in many activities. However, you can still explore new roads of adventure when you’re riding alone!

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