Motorcycle Goggles – Your Guide Covering All You Need to Know

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Motorcycle Goggles Dirt Bike Goggles 4-FQ Anti UV Safety Goggles
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Motorcycle goggles can be the most straightforward safety item for your riding and one of the least expensive. But let’s say you’re riding over 70 miles per hour with the wind in your hair. If you have ever ridden a motorcycle, you know what I mean and how good this feels, but all this joy needs to be pre-empted by one thing – your safety.

Controlling half a ton of fantastic metal beast beneath you carries with it a certain amount of risk to you and those around you. This personal safety is why you need to get the best motorcycle goggles.

There are many types and kinds of brands, but luckily in this article, I will tell you everything you need to know. This article will set you in the right direction.

Why You Should Wear Motorcycle Goggles

Each rider should wear motorcycle goggles for their protection. 

Here Is Why You Should Wear Goggles:-

Airborn moisture (rain) – minimizes visibility, especially when the temperatures are a lot lower.

Debris – blown in the wind can be a sharp and considerable risk to your eyesight. That is without considering grit coming at you at speed off a car tire.

Dust particles – can suddenly reduce visibility in one or both eyes and require you to stop.

Insects – can hit at high speed and cause long term sight damage or reduction. Do you want to pay for medical treatment when wearing goggles would have prevented it?

Evomosa motorcycle goggles vintage pilot-style cruiser scooter goggle outdoor eyewear for half helmet
* These vintage pilot motorcycle goggles sit close to your face and eyes.
* Imported ABS material, soft sponge frame, and high elastic glasses belt.
* Made with a PC lens, it is waterproof, dustproof, and sturdy.
* Suitable for ATV/UTV racing, skiing, motorcycle, cycling competitions.
* This goggle can be used as a gift for family, friends, and children, etc.
Advert. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay.

Motorcycle Goggles and the Law

In my opinion, it should be a legal requirement. No matter how far you ride or at what speed you intend to travel at wearing these goggles should be your priority. Sadly not all locations insist on wearing goggles as part of their local laws. Surely common sense will tell you that wearing them is safer than not wearing them. Don’t take a chance; please just wear them.

I know while you read this, some of you will not agree with me, but if you have had a flying bug hit you in the eye, you know how quickly you need to stop. Never mind how much it hurts. Imagine riding through a cloud of flies and losing temporary sight in both eyes on a bend at speed, which is not a good situation in which to find yourself.

These goggles can prevent weather conditions and debris from affecting how your eyesight works, thus maximizing your visual capabilities. 

This will save you from undesirable consequences to which goggles-free riding can lead you. In brief, they can keep you from crashing by holding your eyesight vision during a ride, no matter how short it may be.

How to Wear Motorcycle Goggles

Safety items such as this one must always be worn securely at all times. The tightness should be enough to stop any wind and water from getting in while maintaining the correct position. Having your goggles slipping while riding is not acceptable and will end up causing a distraction you don’t need.

Failure to wear your goggles correctly could lead to the following:

  • Water ingress on rainy days.
  • Excess fogging.
  • Wind and wind-borne debris entering the eyes.
  • Failure of UV protection.
  • Potential damage to your eyes.

Do You Need Motorcycle Goggles?

As I’ve already mentioned, one of the main reasons why every rider should wear motorcycle goggles is for their protection. These protective motorbike glasses prevent unexpected conditions and save you from undesirable consequences. They can keep you from crashing by reducing vision impairment when worn correctly.

If you’re looking for motorcycle goggles, this means that the helmet you prefer doesn’t have a visor. You may be a fan of skull caps or the ¾ helmets. I mention this because if you’re not wearing a helmet, it does not make you look cool, just an irresponsible ass.

Regardless of the season, the Sun is always an issue for everyone in traffic, and you must take care to protect your eyes. Accidents can often happen when you least expect them, and getting temporarily blinded by the Sun at the wrong time, is a recipe for disaster.

Around 3,000 accidents happen on the road in a year caused by sun glare, i.e., blindness that the Sun rays create. Wearing motorcycle goggles help you keep constant attention, eliminating sunlight as a potential risk in your riding.

Motorcycle Goggles for Men Women Motocross Goggles Dirt Bike Goggles ATV Goggles Riding Goggles Powersports Goggles Offroad Goggle MX Goggles Skiing Goggles UV400 Anti-Scratch Dustproof Goggles Clear
  • 【High-quality lens】The motocycle goggles is made of reinforced PC lens, with scratch-resistant and impact-resistant.The goggles lens is transparent and clear, Wide frame design, wide field of vision."
  • 【Excellent frame material】Goggles frame is made of more flexible PU material, flexible,very wear-resistant, light in weight, does not burden the head,very convenient to carry .
  • 【Excellent overall design】The soft foam of the motoecross goggles can fit most faces, provide excellent wind and sand resistance.The top and bottom of the frame are designed with single-layer foam vents, which provide air permeability and preventing sand.The ATV goggles can effectively wick away sweat and heat, not fog in the hot summer. Comfortable to wear.
  • 【Adjustable anti-skid belt】The motorcycle goggles wear an adjustable anti-skid belt, be easily adjusted and won't slip. This goggles can be used with various helmets to ensure your safety.
  • 【Multi-purpose】Riding goggles are excellent protective equipment and can be used as goggles for motorcycle, motorcross,ATV goggles mountain bikes, racing bicycles, powersport,MX goggles etc.

Types of Motorcycle Goggles to Consider for Buying:

Here I will talk about different goggles types available that he or she may need for their riding. 

The type of riding is the crucial factor that will prioritize your selection from the numerous kinds of goggles. To optimize the goggle selection choice you make, it is necessary to determine the setting in which you will be using them most of the time.

Off-Road Motorbike Goggles

Lenses are essential for off-road riding, and clear and strong ones will increase your viewability while riding. It is important that your lenses can cope with as many different weather conditions as possible while remaining healthy and safe to wear. 

Good goggles will also act as sunglasses during your ride, providing they are polarised correctly.

When acting as sunglasses, they should not allow the sun rays to hit you directly in your eyes, and therefore, you need to check the UV radiation rating. For me, this is a great selling point and one that is quickly forgotten until the first ride on a very sunny day. Think twice before spending your money, and make sure you get EVERYTHING you need from your goggles!

Anti-fogging is a bonus to discover when buying. Special sprays can be used for the same effect, but if your goggles automatically provide this, then all the better.

Remember to try them with your helmet, not just on their own. You need to ensure the helmet and goggles fit comfortably when both items are worn together.

Vents in the goggles will help neutralize the effect of sweat and moisture blurring your vision.

Street Motorbike Goggles

The difference between the previous type and this one is that of speed. You ride at much higher speeds when “on the road” than “off-road,” and at higher speed comes a slight change in the windy conditions for you as a rider.

This is the main reason why you should always protect your eyes from the unwanted particle debris that may end up in your eyes, disturbing your bike ride. 

I recommended you fasten your goggles firmly to your head and double-check they are fitted correctly before setting off. This will minimize the wind effect at all times on your journey.

Silicone straps are popular, and you will save yourself time correcting the fitting.

Motorcycle Goggles for Glasses

These are important when you need to wear your daily glasses underneath the goggles. This is significantly more so when the glasses are of strong prescription, and you need to wear your motorcycle goggles over glasses. There are things you need to consider before wearing glasses beneath your goggles.

Here is what you should consider:

* Can you obtain prescription goggles instead? Prescription goggles will minimize the amount of headgear needing to be worn and will ensure the possible vision available to you. The only problem you will have is a need to buy new lenses for your goggles when your eyes deteriorate with age.

* Are the glasses flexible enough to be worn underneath the goggles? Comfort is essential for a long journey, and you should be able to wear them in a way that helps you forget they are there.

* Are the glass lenses 100% shatterproof? This needs to be the case in the event of an accident because you don’t want broken glass in your eyes.

Motorcycle Goggles Lens Colors

Color and light can influence your vision, and, accordingly, you’re riding a motorcycle. The color of lenses is an important decision for your goggles.

Motorcycle Goggles Grey Lenses

Grey is a top choice color that is recommended because it helps neutralize sunlight. 

Grey neutralizing the sunlight will help ease the Sun’s effect and allow for a more comfortable ride.

There are different types of gray lenses, covering various hues of gray coloration. 

Darker hues are the preferred choice for the riders who spend most of their time riding during the sunniest days.

Motorcycle Goggles Yellow Lenses

Yellow lenses, however, will provide improved contrast when it is darker outside or when the day is not that bright. If you spend less time in the sunshine, you should consider buying lenses of this color, or consider buying one of each.

Motorcycle Goggles Clear Lenses

Other colors are available, including clear, but I do not recommend them. I would stick to the two mentioned earlier and switch between them depending on the ride. 

Motorcycle Goggles Other Colors

Other colors include:

Red lenses – can offer higher UV protection.

Brown lenses – provide improved perception.

Rose lenses – give you higher contrast capability.

Green lenses – are popular in motocross.

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  • Multi-color Lenses allows different visible light transmission (VLT), enhancing contrast and cutting glare in bright, sunny light
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: If you have any issueS or you are not 100% satisfied with our ski mask for any reason, please contact our customer support at any time. We put a 1-year warranty on our products

Motorcycle Goggles for Day and Motorcycle Night Goggles

As mentioned above, the two main sets of goggles I would personally select from are the grey lens and yellow lens versions. I would buy one of each to cover the time of day I would be riding, along with the conditions. This would provide me with all I need for the journeys I would make.

Motorcycle Goggles with Interchangeable Lenses

Some of the more modern goggles will allow for the lenses’ interchange when necessary to suit your environmental changes. The Bertoni Motorcycle Goggles Photochromic Antifog Lens is an excellent example of such a product worth considering.

Motorcycle Goggles for Dogs

These goggles for dogs are available, but they seem more of a comical gimmick more than anything to me. Not having a dog, I am not sure, but a fair old bit of searching on Amazon and Google will get you all you need to know if you want a set for your pet pooch. 

Motorcycle Goggle Materials

Polycarbonate (PC) – is a frequently used material in motorcycle goggle lens production. The most significant advantage of this material is that it effectively neutralizes approximately one hundred percent of ultraviolet rays and is quite affordable. The main drawback is that it can easily be damaged, but polycarbonate is usually covered with a coat to boost and optimize its use. Polycarbonate lenses can also be shatterproof when coated correctly, increasing their effectiveness.

Polarized Motorcycle Goggles

Motorcycle goggles polarized undergo a modification process where a series of crystals are layered inside the goggle lenses themselves to block glare. This modification is not just a coating over the lens but a substantial structural transformation within the goggle lenses. Having the polarized lenses will boost your vision amid the summer sunshine, and your eyes will feel happier and less strained. 

Motorcycle Goggles Leather

Whether the straps are made of leather or silicone, they will still need care and attention, even though the steps will be different. Your manufacturer will provide maintenance guidance that should accompany your product. If no details are included, send them a message asking them why and what needs to be done. Looking after your item will increase its life expectancy.

Cynemo Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Pilot Leather Riding Glasses Scooter ATV Off-Road Anti-Scratch Dust Proof Eyewear for Men Women Adult
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Motorcycle Goggles in the Rain

Your goggles need to stay clean, smear-free, and as straightforward as possible for your journey safety. If the goggles are of cheap materials and inferior manufacturing quality, the likelihood is that they will provide you with nothing more than low vision during the first shower of rain. Once you experience this, you will never go cheap and always buy the best quality you can afford that does the job correctly. When you do buy your goggles, always ensure you follow the correct cleaning procedures.

How to Clean Your Motorcycle Goggles

Maintaining your goggles is essential to ensure your safety is maximized every time you set off on a journey, regardless of how short it is.

  • Wash them every day using mild soap, soft cloth or sponge, and warm water.
  • Don’t use detergents or chemicals as they may blur the lenses.
  • Don’t use any scourers as these will also blur the lenses.
  • To dry them, use a lint-free microfiber cloth.
  • If the goggles are still dirty, let them soak in soapy water before wiping them down.
  • Check for damage, especially cracks in the lenses, frames, and strap assemblies.
  • Store safely out of direct sunlight. Specialized storage cases are generally available for your goggles and will extend their lives considerably if used correctly. It is worthwhile checking what your brand has to offer.

Motorcycle Goggles That Don’t Fog Up

Goggle lenses that have been cleaned regularly and correctly should not fog up. You can treat the lenses but ensure you follow the manufacturer guidelines in doing so. Sprays are available to help, but if they do fog up, then this is likely to be one of the following reasons:

* Sudden temperature change

* Improper fitting, allowing air and moisture ingress

* You did not clean them correctly.

Motorcycle Goggles with Mask

When buying goggles, it’s easy to forget the necessity of having a mask, so to counteract this, why not go for a combo of goggles and masks? The motocross side of biking has this down to perfection, and a good example would be the Ubelly Motorcycle Goggles with “Detachable Mask, Motocross Riding Cycling Motorbike ATV Dirt Bike Racing Off Road Cosplay Goggle Glasses.” They are well worth looking at for both face and eye protection.

How to Wear Goggles and a Helmet

There are five types of helmets: 

The skull cap – Covers the top of your head only. For this type, you will want windproof goggles that are extra secure and tight around your head. You will be exposed to the wind, airborne wildlife, and debris.

The ¾ helmet – Covers the top and back of your head. As per the skull cap, you will want windproof secure goggles to protect your eyes.

Motocross helmet: Has a unique, ridged, and angular design. Many of these are full face versions, but not all. Brands may have goggles that fit precisely with their range of helmets and look the part. Having a suitable set of goggles that sit correctly will improve their effectiveness.

Full face helmet – Covers your head entirely, including your jawline area. For this type of helmet, you should not need goggles. You would be better spending on a superior visor that suits your needs than buying a set of goggles.

Modular helmet – Can change from full face to open face. Brands may have goggles that fit precisely with their range of helmets and look the part. Check what your brand has to offer for you before making a spur of the moment purchase.

What Are Goggle “Tear-Offs”?

Tear-off is particularly perfect for the off-roader type of bikers. They are simply a translucent strip that sits on your goggles and can then tear off whenever they become dirty. 

Anyone can use them, and they are helpful if you find your goggles get dirty quickly. The tear-off strips can easily be removed while riding and can save you from having to pull over as often on a long journey. My advice would be to ensure you practice with your gloves before using them on a ride for the first time.

What Are the Best Motorcycle Goggles?

As always the best set of goggles will depend on what you need and want. However, here are my current top 5 selections I would look at when making a purchase right now:

Cynemo Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Pilot Leather Anti-Scratch Dust-Proof Eyewear:

* Safe and High quality tinted goggles.
* CE certified, with wide peripheral vision.
* Soft leather sponge padding, and super comfortable.
* Completely protect your eyes from sunburn.
* Helps block wind and dust.
* Scratch resistant
* Anticrash ventilation with Import ABS raw leather chrome metal frame,
* Easy to adjust with non-slip strap,extra-long size strap made of durable nylon.

View further details here on Amazon:
JAMIEWIN ATV Goggles Motorcycle Motocross Dirt Bike Glasses Off Road Racing Mx Riding:

* Tinted motorcycle goggles with impact-resistant PC Lens.
* For motorcycling, motor bicycling, racing, dirtbike, ATV, and more.
* Soft padded breathable foam for your comfortable wearing.
* Non-slip and elastic strap can fit head size.
* Super lightweight, with bendable frame.

View further details here on Amazon:
4-FQ Motorcycle Goggles Dirt Bike, Motocross, Windproof ATV, Dustproof, Scratch Resistant, and Protective Safety:

* Lightweight, so convenient to carry.
* Multi-color reflective lens, with anti-fog.
* Scratch-resistant.
* Ideal for half-open face helmets.
* Bendable OTG frame.
* Comfortable fit with foam protection around the frame.
* Users can wear glasses while riding

View further details here on Amazon:
Motorcycle Helmet Riding Goggles Glasses With Removable Face Mask:

* Breathable and hypoallergenic foam adds exclusive comfort while you wear them.
* UV Protection, Windproof & Waterproof, and anti-dust.
* Anti-fog measures: Cleanser essence, evenly applied can effectively prevent fogging.
* PC Lens Provides You with High Transparency.
* Arc Design Provides You with Broader Vision.
* High consistency cotton has great exhaust ventilation for comfortable wearing.
* Breathable mouth filter and holes provide better air permeability.

View further details here on Amazon:
Motorcycle Riding Glasses Padded Frame Lens Block 100% UVB/UVB:

* Composite frame
* Polycarbonate lens
* Polarized
* Polarized Coating
* Lens width: 65 millimeters
* Lens height: 42 millimeters
* Arm: 121 millimeters

View further details here on Amazon:
My top choice motorcycle goggles:

Where to buy motorcycle goggles

Numerous locations will provide access to enough of a range for you to try on before making an educated purchase. Personally, I believe that trying on a few sets of goggles is a priority before buying to ensure that you buy exactly what you need.

Here are locations from which to buy your goggles:

  1. Amazon – Love them or hate them; they have now become a fantastic source of extensive ranges of everything you can ever seem to need. Your eye protection is no exception. The wonderful thing with Amazon is that you can easily have them sent back if you are not happy with them for whatever reason.
  2. Bike festivals – These offer you the opportunity to try out selections before buying. Some suppliers will also provide special offers for the festival you are attending. If you look with care, then you can find a great bargain. My only concern is when a problem occurs later when the festival has ended, and you need to send a faulty item back. Take care of who you buy from and ensure that the items are genuine.
  3. Local motorcycle dealers – If you are buying a new bike, you may have the opportunity to receive free or purchase new sets at special prices. Take advantage of any offers if they are suitable, and push the price down if you can buy a bike or ATV.
  4. Stores near where you live – These small stores can offer an abundance of information that your main dealers cannot offer you because they are not restricted to a specific brand. Listen to the advice they offer and see if you can support them by making a ‘local’ purchase.
  5. Catalogs and magazines – These can be a great place to find a bargain, especially when locating a one for one replacement set. Buying the same set ensures you know what you are getting and what you will expect when they arrive. When you buy this way, savings can be made with a small amount of research.

Motorcycle goggles Amazon

Amazon is my preferred online store because my spare time to go shopping is so limited. I trust what I buy directly through Amazon, and I am happy with the guarantee cover I get. I would rather buy from them than I would from an unknown catalog company.

Here are 10 reasons to consider Amazon for your motorcycle goggles purchase:

  1. Discover the top-selling.
  2. Sort by price range for speed when working to a budget.
  3. Have the item delivered where and when you want it to arrive.
  4. Read up on the feedback to help build a picture.
  5. Find questions asked about the product and discover information from the answers provided.
  6. Secure private purchase.
  7. Guaranteed delivery.
  8. Product guarantee.
  9. Quality guarantee.
  10. Easy transaction.

Motorcycle goggles review

Reviews are a great source of feedback that you can use to confirm your elected item for purchase. If you see the odd negative feedback, I would not worry, but a string of negatives would steer me away from the item in question. I use the feedbacks in conjunction with the product questions potential buyers have asked. I often see questions that |I had not even considered, so that they can be a great source of information before buying.

Best Selling Motorcycle Goggles on Amazon:

Advert. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay.

Article Conclusion:

During this article, I have discussed how to maintain your goggles; guided you on choosing them; and advised what to look for in your goggles. 

All the information is here, so all you have to do is reread the article and check out my list of best-recommended motorcycle goggles to help find the ones most suitable for you to wear. 

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