Leaving Your Motorcycle in the Rain – What Can Happen?

Leaving your motorcycle in the rain, and what can happen when you leave it in the rain for too long, is covered in detail within this article.

Let’s start with the basic fundamental question – can my bike get ruined if it gets left out in the rain? 

The answer would be a simple “no” – it wouldn’t get ruined. 

Most motorcycles are manufactured from materials built to withstand water (and rain, obviously), so you don’t need to fret about leaving your bike in the rain once or twice. Wiring and electrical components, for instance, are sealed off so they can be kept dry. 

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However, if your bike is exposed to prolonged rain and other weather conditions, you might experience something different that may cause your motorcycle to deteriorate. This all depends on the material of which it was built, the amount of rain, and your luck.

Durable Motorcycle Material Means Better Resistance to Damage

It’s obvious enough that motorcycles are made from a rigid material that is decently durable. However, there are better models, and there are mediocre models – they’re different in terms of sturdiness and resistance. If your bike is not too durable or resistant to the outdoor elements, you should consider avoiding leaving it out in the rain whenever it is possible.

However, even if you own a bike of the highest quality, know that it is not immune to weather and rain. Of course, it won’t get damaged significantly, but constant exposures may result in mechanical problems. 

Anyway, keep in mind that the more excellent the durability, the greater the resistance. This also means that you need not fear damage. Simply try avoiding it whenever possible.

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Avoiding Heavy Rains Means Avoiding Motorbike Damage

Your best bet is to follow the weather forecast. Of course, these might not be entirely accurate if you’re commuting, but they can still provide you with the information you need. You can then easily evade the heavier rains.

Constant rain exposure can lead to rust and corrosion, and this kind of damage can make things more problematic when it comes to making your bike as good as new and restores it to working order. If you live in a place where it rains often, rain on its own will not damage your motorcycle but leaving it outside for days certainly will. 

If You’re Really In Luck, You Can Totally Avoid Motorbike Damage

You may raise your eyebrows at luck, but it’s a significant factor that could determine whether your bike will be permanently damaged by even the slightest raindrops or survive without any changes even though the heaviest downpours.

Your entire motorcycle is composed of various mechanical parts, and most bikes have a stainless-steel design. There is no real need to worry at all about your motorcycle rusting, but certain parts are not so durable. Some features are operated by electricity (such as the engine, for example). If you’re out of luck, your bike might get permanently damaged.

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What Happens If Engine Vulnerable Areas Get Wet?

Some of the most vulnerable motorcycle engine parts include the electrical connections and the switch gears, brake systems, and batteries, all of which are most likely to get damaged when continuously exposed to rain. Once the downpour starts, it also begins to penetrate exposed areas, making it difficult to fix up and restore.

Suppose these motorcycle parts are exposed to water many times over. In that case, you’ll soon observe that their performance and functions also begin to deteriorate until these areas can no longer perform at all. Remember that these parts are susceptible to water, so if there aren’t waterproof models available out in the market, you’ll need to double your efforts in caring for your bike before and after use.

How to Repair the Damages Caused by Rain to Save You Tons of Time

In the worst-case scenario, your bike has been damaged. Sometimes, there are only a few things that you could have done to avoid it, but there are times where it could not have been. Since you’re already facing a problem, you should repair your bike. 

There are two ways to do it – either you take it to the professional mechanic, or perhaps you can do it yourself, if you have the know-how.

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Repairing by taking your bike to the mechanic

If you don’t have the experience or simply don’t want to go through all the trouble, you should take your bike to the mechanic so that it can be repaired. All you have to do is tow your motorcycle, explain what caused the damage, and pay the bill. Professionals know the damage’s depth by observing the bike and closely inspecting it, and they have the necessary skills to mend the damages.

The only downfall of this method of using a mechanic is that it costs. Not only the repairs but towing, or delivery, and gas money increase the cost. This is even if you drive it in with your own car or with your friend’s car. You will have to pay for the gas money unless your friends are good ones.

Repairing by doing it yourself

This is the more challenging part. Repairing your bike on your own requires some mechanical skills, and it also poses the threat of injury or electrocution. As mentioned before, all bikes have electric components that can electrocute you since they have been introduced to water.

However, if you still want to do it yourself, there are a few things you need to know before you begin the repairing process:

Here are the things you need to know:

  • Use a garden hose to rinse the contaminants;
  • Use dry air or alcohol rinse to dry your bike;
  • Use the water displacer to spray your bike so that it’s stabilized;
  • This will minimize the damage and lower the risk of electrocution. 
  • Disassemble the entire bike afterward and closely inspect each part to check for damages. Closely checking the electrical components should be your top priority.

Keep in mind that damages caused by rain are very rare. If you’re unlucky or if you’ve exposed your bike to the rain and similar weather conditions for a long time, you could face these problems. Anyhow, there are some ways to avoid damages altogether.

Ways to Avoid Rain and Water Damage to your Motorcycle

It’s certainly better to avoid potential problems rather than mend the damages caused by them, and we’re going to provide you with a few easy solutions for that. The best ways to avoid rain damage are:

If you own a garage, the basement, or any other suitable storage space, here’s what you should do:

Simply move your bike there. It’s quite apparent, but it’s the best way to do it. There is only one problem you could face if you shelter your bike in your basement, and that is floods. If the rain is pouring heavily, your basement may be flooded, ensuring that these spaces are watertight.

If you’re on the road, you can still do these:

When being on the road, the first and best solution is, in case you are riding and the storm has brewed up, you should shelter your bike under smaller trees or foliage. Avoid taller trees at all times – thunder is most likely to hit higher trees, so it’s self-evident why you should avoid this. Another note – if you go with this method, make sure you have a security system integrated into your bike.

The second (and easiest) solution to avoid any problems with rain when your bike is in question is to purchase a motorcycle cover. These products are simple to use and very affordable, as all you need to do is put them on your bike and store them once the rain has stopped.

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Leaving Your Motorcycle in the Rain Conclusion

For the final words, we can safely conclude that you won’t have a problem if you leave your motorcycle in the rain from time to time. However, many factors contribute to the overall risk of your bike getting damaged, so you’re recommended to either shelter it or cover it.

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