Motorcycle Jackets for Men, Women: What to Know Before Buying

Motorcycle jackets are covered in this simple guide, which answers and covers many of your motorbike jacket questions.

Dualsport Enduro Motorbike Biker Riding Jacket

What’s a motorcycle jacket?

Bikers live life to the fullest and are easily recognizable by their leather jackets, boots, helmets, goggles, and the list goes on. And that’s precisely what interests us at this point – why are they useful, and why should you consider buying one of our best biker jackets? A motorbike jacket is simply what it sounds like, a jacket typically made of leather worn by motorcyclists.

Who else wears motorcycle jackets?

While it is commonplace for bikers to wear them, they are also worn by non-bikers. They got the looks, the comfort, and various models have different features and attributes, making them particularly good.

Why are these jackets the best biker jackets?

As was mentioned before, their use can be for anyone. There are several reasons why they are fit for their purpose. Those reasons include the design being perfectly fit for their way of living. The material can offer protection against the wind and possible falls and more problems that can occur out riding.

What motorcycle jacket should I get – wearing a leather jacket:

First of all, the bikers usually initiate their members in the form of a ritual. This ritual is different from group to group, while it is common for most of them to require a leather jacket and a bike. Wearing a leather jacket often refers to their way of life. On top of that, the overall style looks incredibly well when combined with a powerful motorbike, which is usually black.

Benefit – Sturdy material provides extra protection.

Secondly, the leather material used to make leather jackets is very sturdy. This material offers a lot of protection from the wind, which can be a severe problem because the bikes themselves don’t provide any protection.

Most models have reinforced parts that grant additional protection to vital organs or parts of arms that most susceptible to injury if a fall should occur. Every model shields the lungs, while some have increased kidney protection, shoulder, and elbow pads.

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Are motorcycle jackets in style? – The stylish Design

Black leather is beautiful on its own, but most manufacturers tend to be very creative with the Design. The zippers can be fitted in various ways, even with zircons attached – there are virtually limitless options when the Design is in question.

The standard leather jacket is similar to the motorcycle leather jacket, while bikers prefer the latter because of the Design, which is more delicate and usually more attractive. Motorcycle leather jackets also offer more protection and comfort.

Some people would say that leather jackets are uncomfortable because they tend to stick to the wearer’s body (if the size is correct, concerning most standard models), restricting the movement of the arms a bit.

Standard leather jackets may indeed feel a bit odd if the wearer needs a lot of freedom concerning their arms’ movement. They are made using the other type of technology and method, which does not impair the movement freedom, making them completely comfortable.

Reasons why biker jackets could fit everyone

Even though they are called “biker” jackets, they could be worn by everyone and anyone. There are several reasons why an average person wants to own one, including the attractive outlook, the versatility of use, the affordable price, and comfort.

  1. Owning a motorbike doesn’t mean you can’t look right. These jackets are lovely, and most people find them appealing. The Design gives the wearer a rather peculiar outlook, as it is distinctive and inspires a dominating presence. Simply put, the leather is better.
  2. The motorcycle jacket is a very versatile style – it can be worn in practically any weather. It provides enough warmth during cold days, although it won’t keep you warm during harsh winter temperatures. They won’t make you boil in the summer days, even though the leather attracts sunlight. But it is recommended they are not worn during high heat seasons.

Takes the extreme weather out of the picture – the times at which bike jackets can be worn are typical, casual days, including summer nights and winter days. Some bike jackets include waterproof attributes, making them exceptionally good for rainy seasons.

Thirdly, the biker jacket is not expensive at all. It should not be considered cheap because the price is not so low, but they are affordable. The qualities and attributes that the biker leather jackets provide are more than enough to make the price a righteous one.

Lastly, the comfort that they provide. Perhaps, this is one of the biggest, most important reasons why anyone should consider buying a biker jacket. Almost every model is comfortable to wear, while some models are outfitted with specific attributes, like interior cotton layer or such.

What are the different available types and styles of biker jackets?

It is kind of evident that leather jackets are different from other jackets. While this may be apparent, the difference between themselves might not be. The categorization of leather jackets is not something that was done by the book, but we can do it by merely looking at their designs and attributes:

The Basic Leather Jacket is the one that looks quite bare in comparison to other styles. It is a simple leather jacket with a straight vertical zipper, usually made of stainless steel, with usual buttons and internal and (or) external pockets. This is usually the most affordable category, considering that the basic design was made to be affordable to the masses.

Motorcycle Riding Jacket Windproof Full Body Protective Gear Armor:

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* Contains removable warmth cotton liner, you can wear in cold or warm weather.
* Removable 5 pieces EVA protectors on the back, shoulders, and elbows.
* Adjustable cuff, collar hem, improves the range of the fit and comfort.
* Two external pockets for keeping small items secure.
* Suitable for the spring, autumn, winter, windproof, and keep warm.

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The “Armored” Leather Jackets are made differently. 

With the motorcycle jacket with armor type, the leather is sturdier and more durable. The manufacturing process in these is truly impressive. They usually have multiple armor sections that shield the shoulders, back, and elbows. Sometimes, they are made so that they can be removed if not needed.

This category is precious for bikers or people who are inclined to do things that could result in falling or injury, as the reinforced protection softens the fall and reduces the chance of bleeding. These jackets are also stylish in their own right, but safety must always be a priority.

The Classic Rocker Style Leather Jacket 

This was made famous by rock stars, as they used to wear them while they performed. The neck section stands out; the zipper goes halfway before it shifts to the opposite side, while the pockets are arranged differently. They are very different from standard leather jackets, mainly in Design and price.

The Sports Leather Jackets 

These are a completely different story. They are on the border between sports jackets and leather jackets, as their Design resembles sports jackets mostly, while they are made of leather. Preferred by NASCAR racers, they are a variation of the armored leather jackets.

The unique features that they often include are the thermal quilted type of liner, the ability to absorb or repel water, and armor pads. Their Design is fashionable, while the accentuation was on versatility and protection.

The Aviator leather jacket 

This is very stylish, comfortable, and warm. They were used in the second world war and were standardized in the United States Military. Today, they are sold more as fashion pieces rather than for practical purposes.

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The Famous who made leather jackets popular

The Military

Leather jackets were not made famous on purpose – the fashion dates back to the first world war. The first leather jackets were worn by soldiers, as the leather material was sturdy and more resistant than the standard military equipment of that time. They looked a lot like today’s Rocker Leather Jacket type. Harley Davidson Jacket

Harley Davidson

Nearly a century ago, in 1928, Irving Schott made the first leather jacket for the Harley Davidson company. It was named the “Perfecto,” like a popular cigar. This was the first time that the leather jacket was introduced onto the fashion stage. They were sold for a bargain price, and they implemented the use of zippers instead of the classical button concepts.

World War II

The second world war US leather jackets belong to the Aviator category, and during that time, they were called the A-2 flight jackets. Afterward, they became popular in the fashion industry, and they are quite common today due to the unique design and style.

Marlon Brando

Perhaps the best actor of his time, Marlon Brando, has worn a leather jacket in his cult movie, “The Wild One.” Interestingly, he wore the “Perfecto,” the first Design of leather jackets ever. Afterward, Hollywood made a lot of movies that featured celebrities wearing leather jackets.

The Beatles

Without a doubt, the Beatles possess so much fame that everyone knows about them. They invented a fashion wave that involved leather jackets, placing the foundations of rock and roll worldwide. They preferred the Aviators and Rocker designs.

The Sex Pistols, Blondie, and Ramones

The second wave of rock and roll was introduced by The Sex Pistols and The Ramones, among other popular brands. The ’70s and ’80s were essential because women also began wearing leather. This made the use of leather jackets extremely popular.

Hard rock and heavy metal bands of the late ’80s and ’90s

While the famousness of leather jackets was already high, the late ’80s and early 90’s made a significant impact on them. Hard rock metal bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest made leather jackets iconic in their own way.

Judas Priest

This heavy metal band made leather jackets so famous that words can hardly explain it. Rob Halford, their singer, is renowned for his uncanny fondness of leather jackets. The band’s fame also increased that of the leather jackets.

Hells Angels

The notorious biker gang, the Hells Angels, are, perhaps, the most famous bikers on the planet. They have been sporting leather jackets for more than half a century, virtually advertising them wherever they ride.

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The Design and Manufacture of leather jackets

This is a delicate matter because leather jackets usually require a lot of attention in the manufacturing process. Implementing leather as a base material is no simple matter – it is much sturdier than traditional materials, making it harder to bend and adjust in the desired manner.

However, leading brands have invested in their technology, and this process is now often automatized. As for the Design, the various types of leather jackets look different, feel different, and ultimately, their outlook is different.

We have mentioned the regular types of leather jackets, and we can summarize that their Design is often stunning, with many accessories like additional pockets, protection pads, and such.

What are the features that different leather jacket models possess?

The leather jackets’ models are very distinctively different from each other, as all they have in common are the leather-based body and a zipper. Everything else depends on the particular model, and every single one of them has at least something unique.

The different features are the very Design of the leather jacket, the zipper (the material used to make the zipper, the pathing of zipper), number and position of pockets (interior and exterior), protective paddings (elbow, kidney, shoulders, back), the Belt, and additional attributes.

The Design is what makes them different motorcycle leather jacket.

Merely reviewing the categorization of leather jackets would answer this question, but not entirely. Their category does not always determine the way they simply look. For example, there are many Rocker type leather jackets that are very similar to Standard leather jackets.

When the Design is in question, we can safely say that the products vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, as well as the store that sells them. Some stores specialize in customizing their jackets (for example, biker gangs always place their logos on the back), making the Design unique.

The reasons why manufacturers make the same category of jackets differently are various:

The market offers high demand for almost all types of leather jackets.

This may be a crucial reason why manufacturers make leather jackets of the same category, so they look different. When the demand is high, there must be a constant supply; otherwise, it will fall, making the manufacturers lose their invested capital.

However, there is always an exception, as there is in this case. If the demand is low or non-existent, the manufacturers could stick out if they make a completely different model from the other manufacturers.

The reasons for competition in motorcycle jacket production

The different manufacturers are all competitors on the market – they tend to be better from one another, investing more time and resources in their leather jackets, implementing the most advanced technology and methods, and hiring a specialized workforce.

They want to be the best to give you the best product while earning a profit but to do so; they need to be better than all the rest. Making a line of the most perfect and desirable leather jackets means that they have to be different.

Having only a single model would make it dull and undesirable.

If the manufacturers decide to make only a single model of each leather jacket category, we would seldom see anyone wearing a leather jacket. This is the way of fashion – making things versatile; otherwise, they are forgotten.

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* Soft collar with Neoprene lining motorcycle jacket for women.
* Arm and waist adjusters for a tailored fit of the Motorcycle Riding Jacket.
* 2 external pockets plus inner mobile pocket and storage pocket.
* Fully reflective jacket for nighttime visibility hi-vis cruiser jacket.
* Top Quality Zippers adventure jacket dual sport jacket for women.
* Waist connection zip for motorcycle pants.

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Importance of the zipper in your motorbike jacket

Believe it or not, the zipper makes half the outlook.

It might not seem so apparent when you first think about it, but how a jacket zips up tells a lot about it. If the zipper’s path is unconventional and unorthodox, the zipper’s primary purpose is decorative, which further means that the jacket is not designed for cold temperatures. If it goes all the way up to our chin, its purpose is to keep us warm, placing the outlook in second place.

The material from which the zipper of the leather jacket is made is an exciting topic. It tells us if we will use our leather jackets for a long time or leave them to one side after a while. Most manufacturers use stainless steel, but there are variations.

The zipper that is prone to rust or if it is made of materials that are low in quality is sure to malfunction, leaving our leather jacket out of the picture. You would not want to wear a jacket that can’t be zipped up correctly.

The jacket pockets – fashion or convenience?

Even though they serve a straightforward function, people managed to find various purposes for them. Some people like to put their hands in their pockets to either warm them up or look cool. Some people want to carry some items in them that they would later need, while some people simply don’t like having pockets at all. This is where the leather jackets distant from one another.

For practical purposes, let’s begin with leather jackets without any pockets. Simple and straightforward, these are the best jackets for bikers because they rarely find any use for them, and all of the items that need to be stored can be placed anywhere else.

Some motorcycles have compartments that could hold them; otherwise, a rucksack should suffice. Bike packing is now a popular thing among bikers, and they definitely have no use for pockets when they have a whole backpack for storage. Sports Leather Jackets usually have no pockets.

There are leather jackets equipped with a single pocket. Some have several pockets for looks, but only one will open. These pockets are often sewn in an unconventional spot and are often very shallow. These are made purely out for aesthetic purposes, as they possess no ability to hold items. Most rocker leather jackets are made this way.

The Biker Jackets that come supplied with several pockets, of which all are placed in strange places, and most of them are shallow or can’t be opened – these leather jackets are a popular improvement of the last category. Purely for fashion purposes, these pockets were designed to make the wearer look cool – not actually to help him carry his items.

However, some types of Biker Jackets can help you with your stuff. The Aviator type of leather jackets has many pockets, all of them deep enough to hold an item or two, all of them usable. Perhaps, one of the few leather jackets that were designed for convenience.

The protective paddings – a must for any biker

Biker leather jackets come equipped with protective paddings that are supposed to shield your kidneys, shoulders, or back. There are some that are not supplied with such accessories, while there are even some jackets that are made from materials that are so sturdy that they protect their own.

The Biker Jackets that offer no protection are for casual people. Bikers who like to ride safe and slow, and regular people who simply like wearing leather jackets. The leather is still sturdier than almost any other material used to make clothing, but this category is the least durable.

Those leather Jackets that come supplied with protective paddings are perfect for any biker that rides a lot or prefers to ride at high speeds. A casual person would find very little use of such protective paddings unless he is prone to falling due to clumsiness.

The last category, the Jackets that are not supplied with protective equipment but offers protection out of their sturdiness, is made from more rigid leather. They are more durable, and these could, perhaps, absorb some of the impacts, and they are efficient at preventing bleeding from happening. One downfall is they are heavier and may impair the wearer’s arm movement capabilities.

What are the outstanding attributes that top bike jacket models possess?

The outstanding attributes that different models have presented the line that differentiates the manufacturers. Even the Biker Jackets that offer no specific detail sometimes possess at least one – the low price.

The outstanding attributes that a leather jacket can offer you are a unique material used in the manufacturing process, protective padding, adjustable waist belt, rust-proof zipper and buttons, water-resistant capabilities, and thermal capabilities.

The unique material used in the manufacturing process

This often refers to superior quality material, as it is known that all leather jackets are obviously made of leather. The only question that pops up is what type of leather was used? The most popular kind of leather is cowhide leather, as it provides sturdiness and durability to the jacket.

Some types are made of milled leather, which gives the leather jacket a whole different color, shade, outlook, and sturdiness. Most people will find these jackets to be less durable but more comfortable.

The Adjustable Waist Belt on bike jackets

The adjustable waist belt is optional, and only some models come supplied with it. It serves two functions, where the first would be to hold the jacket more tightly, and the other would be the decorative purpose. There should be a good number of reasons why you’d want to tighten your coat. The most obvious ones would be to feel more comfortable and to avoid cold air from getting in.

The decorative purpose is as evident as the practical function of the waist belt – it is there to make the leather jacket more appealing and relaxed while not getting in the way of the zipper and buttons. Having one is quite cool, and if you happen to get bored by it, some are easily removed.

Rust-proof zipper and buttons – why you need them

There have been words about why you should value these kinds of zippers and buttons more than the regular ones, but it wouldn’t hurt to explain it more thoughtfully – these kinds of zippers and buttons increase the lifetime of your jacket.

They are also easier to remove and replace, as the rusted buttons could stick in place, leaving you with little options. The rusted zipper could make the entire jacket useless, and in the most extreme cases, you will need to rip your jacket to get out of it.

What are the most significant advantages of owning a leather jacket?

They are very versatile – suitable for every part of the year.

This question can be answered relatively quickly, as there are several advantages to owning a leather jacket. First of all, they are versatile so that they could be worn at almost any time of year. They are usually black so that they could pair up with your other pieces of clothing more efficiently than solid-colored jackets, backpacks, and bags.

Just warm enough – how warm is your motorcycle jacket?

They are warm but not too hot, making them suitable for mild summer nights, as it is known that winds and sudden temperature shifts are most likely to get you sick in the summer season. The biker jackets would help you avoid this problem.

Cooler in the day, warmer at night

They are cool when worn over proper clothing, meaning that you don’t overburden yourself with sweaters and otherwise warm pieces of clothing. The leather will appear cold to the skin when touched, making it perfect for summer evenings.

Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket:

* Waterproof
* Removable thermal quilted liner.
* Zippered vents on chest and back
* Removable CE approved armor to shoulders and elbows
* Available in four colors.

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A decent jacket to carry even in winter

Most types of leather jackets can make you feel warm during winter times. Ones with a zipper that goes all the way up to your chin are my preference. Some biker jackets even provide thermal insulation or have a layer of different material stitched from the inside, precisely for this purpose.

Phenomenal Jacket Wind Protection

When the middle of autumn begins to smell like upcoming winter, the winds tend to be more vital and more ferocious. The perfect time to dress yourself up – leather jackets are made of materials that can not only soften the wind impact they could even absorb it to the fullest.

No wind should get past the biker jacket. This is because they are made to be thick, making them potentially the best clothing piece to carry in autumn and spring. Some are even waterproof, meaning that rain and wind combined won’t graze you.

Motorbike jackets are very affordable.

If you compare the biker jackets to other jackets, you will find that they are evenly matched or even superior in terms of price. What makes them even better is that they offer far more than a fashionable outlook or thermal protection, which is the case with most jackets.

The regular jacket is made to either make the wearer look ravishing (at the cost of warmth or coolness) or to make him feel warm and shield him from winter and autumn winds. Biker jackets are capable of both – they make you look exquisite while protecting you from the cold. It is quite paradoxical that something that can offer more actually costs less.

Quality of biker jackets is important and should be recognizable.

This is maybe one of the biggest problems when purchasing any piece of clothing. The clothing can appear superior on the outside, it can even seem to feel good, but it still may be inadequate in quality. Those items are often short-lived, and only the experts could tell the difference between a high-quality jacket and a poor quality one.

This is not the case with biker jackets. The leather of low quality will be easily noticed by cracks on the joints or by being thin. When you see that the jacket is full of wrinkles and cracks and crannies, you will know that the particular model is either used or low in quality.

When you see that the jacket is made out of thin leather, don’t expect much from it. The same goes for flame-resistance capabilities. If the biker jacket can’t handle the flame from a lighter, you’d be best advised to pass on the offer.

Some biker jackets are flame and heat resistant.

The leather used in the manufacturing process of biker jackets is usually not flammable. This means that the jacket would protect the wearer from most of the hazards induced by heat sources, such as an open flame, for example. If the leather jacket doesn’t possess this quality, it is most likely that the low-quality leather was used to make it.

Milwaukee Leather Classic Side Lace Police Style Motorcycle Leather Jacket:

* Made of Premium Milled Cowhide
* 1.2-1.3mm Thick with Full Sleeve Zip-Out Thermal Liner
* Side Lace Detailing for Optimal Fit with Half Belt for Adjustment
* Two Lower Zippered Pockets with the Extra Ticket Book
* Snap Close Storage Pocket
* Classic Biker Throw Back Look.

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Why buy a motorcycle jacket – your priority after buying your motorbike

Safety CAN and should be bought when it comes to motorcycle jackets. You need to realize it is essential to buy the right one for many reasons. A good jacket provides a fair amount of protection from the weather when you are riding, but the most important when you come off your bike.

The motorcycles themselves do not protect you from an impact like cars do. A biker can prepare himself with care by wearing protective gear like suitable helmets, pants, gloves, and jackets.

The jacket is a crucial part of the biker’s gear because it protects your main torso and arms. Some of the modern models now feature built-in armor for added protection. With so many models out there, you will find it is not going to be easy to find the right jacket for your safety.

Other than personal choice or taste, there are other factors you need to consider when buying a motorcycle jacket. You can enjoy both safety and comfort on your bike whilst enjoying a well-fitted jacket suitable for your needs. Comfort need not be lost in order to improve your safety.

Match the jacket with your riding requirements, not your style

First of all, decide whether you want one jacket or a one-piece motorcycle suit.

One-piece motorbike suits offer protection for your entire body. Fitting snugly very close to your skin from ankles to neck means that it won’t flap in the wind. One-piece suits are a good choice if you like to race or to ride at high speed.

The jacket and pants combination provides more flexibility. This combination is for riders that like to enjoy the ride for casual purposes. After commuting to and from work, you can easily remove your riding jacket upon arrival and put on your suit jacket. 

Some biker jackets offer a number of pockets for you to store your wallet, keys, money, etc.

Choose the right material for your motorbike jacket.

It’s an old argument between bikers as to which jackets are better. The materials used can be very different. One thing motorcycle jackets have in common is that of the jacket’s performance. This will depend on the quality of the material it is made of and how it is assembled. This, in addition to how it’s made.

Leather jackets are made of high-quality leather for bikers. 

They have excellent abrasion resistance. This means they will help provide you with superior protection. That is if you ever fall or have an accident, but hopefully, that will never happen. 

Leather jackets are the most popular choice, being almost traditional in their purchase after buying their bike. This is because of the sturdiness of the leather material and the protection it is known to provide. 

The leather doesn’t always breathe very well, making it an excellent jacket for winter. This does not make it so great for summer, however, unless it has vents built-in.

More modern variations are better suited to all sorts of weather that nature will throw at you during your riding life.

Textile and leather jackets can be made of a combination of materials. These combinations are good because the leather can give you protection on vulnerable parts of your body whilst the textile material provides you comfort and breathability.

Textile jackets are usually made of polyester and nylon. These are great jackets for summer because the materials offer greater breathability, but I am a traditionalist and prefer leather. Still, the textile jackets don’t offer enough insulation for the winter unless they are lined with something else. Nowadays, most textile motorcycle jackets are made in combination with Kevlar or Dynatec, which now gives them improved abrasion resistance and extended durability.

Color and types of motorbike jacket – things to consider

Most bikers have one favorite color – BLACK. Any color as long as it’s black!

However, the black jacket can be tough to spot in low-light environments, which is not good at all. This can be dangerous, so it is wise to choose a jacket that’s easier to see in the dark for nighttime rides. Better to be safe than sorry.

Although some of the motorcycle jackets have patches made of reflective materials, check your visibility level before setting out. More visibility will always mean far more safety and will help get you home in one piece.

There are several jacket types, and each type has a different use or specific purpose. This makes the item selection process much simpler.

Classic jackets: 

These are all about fashion, and they offer almost no protection but are pretty ornamented.

Race jackets: 

Racing jackets are made of thick material. They feature heavy padding and offer high protection. Always tight-fitting and decorated with graphics, the race jackets are made to provide the best safety while being aerodynamic.

Rain jackets: 

This type of jacket is made to keep you dry no matter how hard the downpour. Usually, they are made of a very light waterproof material, and they are more often designed to go over your regular jacket.

Retro jackets: 

These retro jackets have a modern shape and normally come with vintage patches and graphics. The safety levels of these retro jackets can be very questionable so take care if considering purchasing one.

Sports jackets: 

Sport jackets are very similar to the race jacket. They generally have the same protection level, but sports jackets are more aerodynamic.

Touring jackets: 

This type of jacket is typically more about the comfort they provide. The protection level they offer can again vary, so caution is again required when purchasing. The touring jackets are normally made for a loose fit and feature a lot of pockets, and sometimes incorporate a hydration system. This is great on a warm day’s ride.

Traditional jackets: 

Traditional jackets offer a low level of protection, and the design is typically plain or bare with no additional decorations. Sometimes they have a vented fabric design, which will help on hot days. Again research would need to be careful.

Buying a well-made jacket that is affordable.

For the best possible comfort and safety, you need the bike jacket to be very well made. Two things are initially critical – that of seams and zippers.


The seams on the motorcycle jacket should always be inside so they can’t cause abrasion if and when you have a fall. When it comes to leather jackets, few seams are best because they compromise the material’s sturdiness. 

Additionally, the chest piece and the back piece should be made of one single piece of fabric whenever possible for additional strength.


The zippers need to be easy to open and close for obvious reasons. Beyond this, they should also be covered with a flap of fabric to minimize the chance of injury. The flap itself also provides you extra protection against moisture invasion and wind access.

Safety is your priority and should always be the first thing on your mind, not how you look when you are choosing a motorcycle jacket. 

The textile weaves are more prone to tear, and this can cause the sliding of your unprotected skin across the pavement. This risk of tear is why you should always choose textile jackets that are reinforced with Kevlar or leather.

When making a purchase check, the motorcycle jackets you are considering have integrated protectors. These protectors are paddings on the back, chest, and arms to boost protection. The best jackets indicate they are “CE approved.” this is a sign they are safety tested.

The jacket’s padding should be elastic and big enough to distribute the energy evenly in case of a crash. Correct fitting is important for the safety measure built in to offer their maximum effect.

After considering the protection for the main torso, don’t forget the elbows. These will get damaged badly if you come off on a wet surface, and protection will mean you don’t leave them behind on the road surface.

Comfort is also essential.

After protection, the motorcycle jacket should offer you great comfort. If you cannot wear it without discomfort, then it is not right for you, and you will need to change it for another. 

Perfect fitting of a motorcycle jacket

The motorcycle jacket should fit you perfectly when you are either standing or sitting. It’s recommendable that you try out the jacket in your riding position,l not just standing in front of a mirror looking pretty.

Your motorbike jacket sleeves should be long enough to cover your arms when extended. Your sleeve cuffs should feature a zipper if possible. This will tighten them around your wrists. Enough room should remain for gloves to be fitted on top and over the cuffs.

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Article conclusion

Having got this far in the article, you should have a good idea as to which motorcycle jacket is best for you and your riding type. Now that you have this information, you can select the motorcycle jacket that is the safest to buy and of the preferred textile.

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