That Pink Motorcycle Helmet Is Back in Front Again

“Who runs the world? Girls…”, am I the only one hearing Beyoncé whenever there’s a motorcycle ridden by a girl, wearing her pink helmet? Surely, not!

This pink motorcycle helmet article is a buying guide and pink helmet product review for the ladies new to motorcycle and moped riding.

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Cruiser

As gender equality trends this 21st century, it is not surprising that even women enjoy riding motorcycles, they don’t care quite often with messy hair. Not even a surprise to know that even men adored the color “pink,” which means it is expected that pink motorcycle helmets are not solely designed for women.

We will not call this article “Pink Motorcycle Helmets for Ladies,” which is too sexist, but in this article, we will explore pink helmets that we could buy for ourselves or even for someone dear to us. Let’s get started!

What Is the Best Color for a Motorcycle Helmet?

For some, black is the best color because it looks stylish and cooler. It is said that black is not the safest color of helmets for riders merely because it is a dark color and cannot be seen easily, especially at night. You’ll see that brighter colors are safer, yellow, orange, and like the worldwide web.

Does Painting a Motorcycle Helmet Weaken It?

Yes, painting your helmet might compromise your head’s safety because when you try to scratch off your helmet’s old color into the plastic or fiberglass, you weaken your helmet’s surface. Some paints and sprays can rot the helmet’s integrity.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Motorcycle Helmet?

If you are thinking to repaint your helmet, customize painting may cost you around $375.00. As I have stated above, care should be taken because some sprays and paints can damage the helmet. I had seen helmet split when dropped, having been painted and spayed at home. Take care and ensure a professional does it for you.

What Are the Best Motorcycle Helmets on the Market?

I know you are excited about those pink helmets but, let’s see first the helmets that dominate the world wide web as “best.” I won’t guarantee you that they have a pink color, though!

Here Is A List of the Best Motorcycle Helmets on the Market:

Which Brand Helmet Is the Best?

We will narrow your research to the best helmet brand.

Here Are the Best Helmet Brands:

We are getting near those pink helmets. I feel the need to discuss other things to be considered before you choose your pink helmet.

What Are the Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women? 

We will be a bit specific in this part. 

Here Is the List of Best Motorcycle Helmets for Women That Dominates the World Wide Web:

I know I must make haste. Hang-in there; we are getting close!

Here Are the Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Helmet:

Your Head Shape

This is the one factor that separates men and women’s helmets. Women have a different head shape from men. As such, they cannot find the right comfort and fit with male helmets. Women’s helmets take care of this factor during the design process.

Helmet’s Shell

Choose a lightweight shell. The shell can be made from any durable and robust material, but it should be light. Otherwise, it would become impossible to remove and wear the helmet at short notice. A heavy helmet would also cause neck pain.

Helmet Ventilation

Ventilation is important because, during long rides, the helmet’s interior must stay free from heat and humidity. The more advanced the ventilation of a helmet, the better it would be during the ride. The material of the interior also helps to absorb moisture and keep the ventilation efficient.

Helmet’s Safety Rating

Ensure to choose a helmet that is certified and approved with at least minimum safety standards. Snell and Dot’s safety are ones I would look for. If there is no safety certification noted, then don’t even consider putting it on your head.

Helmet’s Price

The helmet is an investment in ourselves and our safety. It is still necessary and wise to consider your budget. Ensuring your safety and comfort does not mean costing you a fortune. Calculate your budget and use this as a starting point. If the helmet you desire is out of your price range, perhaps consider waiting an extra month so you can save for it.

Best Selling Pink Motorcycle Helmets on Amazon:

Advert. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay.

How Much Should I Spend on a Motorcycle Helmet?

You should pay what you can afford but ensuring you do not risk your safety. Prices start at around $150.00, and top of the line brands are expected to be a lot more expensive; they may start at $400.00 and above.

Are More Expensive Helmets Safer?

Honestly, it is not guaranteed that more expensive helmets are safer than the cheaper ones, but I would expect them to have addons that will help further. It is still important to rely on a good helmet’s factors than on the belief that expensive helmets are made of high-quality material and vice versa.

How Do I Know If a Helmet Is DOT Approved?

DOT approved and certified Helmets have a DOT sticker, which is usually found at the helmet’s back. As I have stated earlier, never bother with a motorcycle helmet that does not have a safety rating. It is not worth risking your safety.

How Often Should You Change Your Motorcycle Helmet?

Usually, it would be best if you replaced your helmet every five years. But, always remember that the more often you ride, the shorter your helmet’s life span will be. If you are unlucky to have an accident, it would be best to have the helmet checked by a professional to ensure that no fracture has started within the main shell.

What Type of Motorcycle Helmet Is the Safest?

The safest amongst the types of motorcycles helmet (full face, open face, flip-up, and cross helmet) is the full-face helmet, which protects your head and neck.

Do Motorcycle Visors Block UV?

Yes, it blocks UV, even those that are not tinted. Visors are made from polycarbonate (mostly raw polycarbonate), which does an excellent job of blocking the lights below the visible spectrum.

Are Carbon Fiber Helmets Better?

Yes, a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet is better in terms of comfort because it is lighter than helmets made of other materials but equally strong and durable.

Is Snell Better Than DOT?

Yes, Snell is better than DOT. The best safety rating is SNELL because it is an independent rating awarded to only the market’s safest helmets. However, if you go for DOT and ECE approval, you wouldn’t be losing out on too much. These standards are necessary, and most of our recommended helmets exceed or meet their criteria.

As we have already discussed the essential factors in choosing a helmet (aside from color and design, of course!), this part of the article is your deciding point.

Here Are the 5 Best Pink Helmets on the Market:

ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Helmet Goggles Sports Gloves Dirt Bike Motorcycle Off-Road

This DOT-approved kids’ helmet is made of a Quality ABS shell, high-density EPS padding, providing better protection for your children when riding off-road, bike, ATV, and participating in outdoor sports. It is designed with removable cheek pads that absorb sweat and are breathable while ensuring safety with multiple air vents.

View Amazon Price
ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Helmet, Goggles, and Sports Gloves

* Quality ABS shell, high-density EPS padding.
* Meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards.
* Provides better protection for your children when riding off-road.
* Multiple air vents, designed with removable cheek pads.
* Breathable while simultaneously ensuring safety.
* Adjustable sun visor, allowing a greater field of view.
* Strong, quick release buckle, which makes it safer to wear.

View further details on Amazon:

LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet

Another DOT approved helmet that meets the FMVSS 218 standard. It has a quick-release chin strap that is easy to secure and easy to release.

View price on Amazon
LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet 

* Built-in twin shield system drop-down sun shield.
* Protects your eyes from the sun and retracts with the flip of a switch.
* DOT approved quick release chin strap is easy to secure and release.
* Technical fabric liner is easily removed and washable.
* DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

View further details on Amazon:

Scorpion Unisex-Adult Full-face-Helmet-Style Sugarskull

This helmet has a clear “no-fog” face shield and a washable anti-microbial comfort liner. This Scorpion’s helmet is also DOT approved.

View price on Amazon
Scorpion Unisex-Adult Full-face-Helmet-Style Sugarskull

* Advanced LG polycarbonate shell.
* Elliptic ii ratchet system.
* Ever clear no-fog face shield.
* Kwikwick ii washable anti-microbial comfort liner.

View further details here on Amazon:

HJC CS-MX 2 Helmet

This HJC’s DOT certified helmet is made of Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell with a lightweight shell that offers superior fit and comfort.

View price on Amazon
HJC CS-MX 2 Helmet – Ellusion

* Advanced polycarbonate composite shell.
* Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology.
* “ACS” Advanced channeling ventilation system.
* Full front-to-back airflow flushes heat and humidity out the rear of the helmet.
* Plush, Nylex® Interior: Comfortable, removable, and washable.
* Large Eye Port: Optimal Visibility and Superior Goggle Fit.

View further details here on Amazon:

Castle X EXO-CX950 Siege Modular Electric Snowmobile Helmet

View price on Amazon
Castle X EXO-CX950 Siege Modular Electric Snowmobile Helmet in Black/Pink Glo

* Advanced LG Polycarbonate Shell.
* Developed exclusively by Scorpion.
* Electric EverClear Dual Pane Anti-Fog Faceshield.
* EverClear SpeedView Drop-Down Sunvisor.
* Communication System Speaker Pockets.
* DOT approved.
* Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard.

View further details here on Amazon:

Pink Motorcycle Helmet Article Conclusion

Sometimes, choosing color is part of self-expression, but I guarantee that it will not make you less of a person. You are more than the color of your choice. 

Remember to take note of the things you should consider before purchasing your helmet. The design and the color won’t matter if you were to compromise your safety. 

With that being said, I think it is all thanks to the variety of options for pink motorcycle helmets available in the market; you can now be rest assured that you would not be making any compromises. You can easily maintain style and safety when you go out to buy a helmet.

Remember, that pink motorcycle helmet Is back in front again!

Let everyone know that girls can run the world. Continue driving safely!

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