The Top Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets In 2021

Riding a motorcycle gives a different sense of freedom compared to traveling by car. Feeling the wind wash over your body while driving around offers a different kind of thrill. However, the only thing we hate when driving our bikes is that we can’t communicate clearly with someone. We can’t even listen to our favorite music when cruising around. This is where Sena motorcycle headsets enter the picture.

Sena is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. With these gadgets, you can now quickly answer calls, listen to music, or talk to your co-rider without removing your helmet. They’re not there only for your convenience but for your safety as well.

Wanting to buy one for yourself or to give it as a present? Here are our most recommended Sena motorcycle Bluetooth headsets that you can buy today!

What are the Best Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Today?

Sena 50S Bluetooth Headset

The 50S is among Sena’s latest Bluetooth devices. This headset was released just last year and aims to be easier to use and more advanced than its predecessors.

It features a low-profile design with a big and easy-to-reach dial that you can easily operate even with gloves on. It also comes with an antenna that you can open to get a better signal.

This model uses Bluetooth 5.0, which means the connection is very strong and stable. The transfer speed is also faster and requires less power compared to Bluetooth 4.1. This means you’ll get an instant connection and a longer battery life.

Plus, it boasts Mesh 2.0 connectivity that lets you open nine intercom channels with up to 24 persons. Six of them can even talk at the same time! The intercom connection is fast and can work up to 2 km or 1.2 miles.

A full charge takes an hour and gives up to 14 hours of Bluetooth or 9 hours of Mesh connection. However, for a quick recharge, a 20-minute quick charge will give up to 6 hours of talk time.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Uses Bluetooth 5.0 and Mesh 2.0 Intercom technologiesSome charging issues
Has noise cancellation for clearer phone calls or music playback 
Working distance of up to 2 km 

Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset

This 30K motorcycle Bluetooth headset is a headset in a league of its own. It’s not a Bluetooth headset but an adaptive mesh communicator—or, as Sena calls it, “the future of wireless communication.”

It has made group connectivity so much simpler. It uses the Mesh Intercom technology, which is a 2.4GHz frequency to keep your whole group in seamless communication. In case a rider is left out of the group, the 30K will actively look for them to reconnect them with the group.

It’s powered by Bluetooth 4.1 and is also an adaptive mesh-networking device that works simultaneously to meet all your requirements. It uses two antennas and processors to let you focus on the important things: riding safely and enjoying the ride.

This headset is also equipped with audio multitasking technology. This lets you have smooth conversations via the mesh technology while enjoying music, following the GPS, or taking/making a call.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Is equipped with audio multitasking technologyOccasionally disconnects
Has noise cancellationNot 100% waterproof
Comes with a private group mode, allows up to 16 riders 

Sena 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset

An upgraded version of the 20S-01, this Sena 20S EVO motorcycle Bluetooth headset is known for its awesome communication system.

This state-of-the-art model has a very sleek and aerodynamic design that offers ease of use for all motorcycle riders. It has a 1.2-mile range and offers a powerful shark fin integrated antenna. This helps strengthen the signal to provide enhanced audio quality with less interference. This second-generation dual-module works on Bluetooth 4.1 and both modules have increased flexibility of functionality, performance, and reliability.

It has wind-noise cancellation and is equipped with multitasking audio management of FM radio, intercom, music, etc. Its intercom feature allows you to communicate with eight riders simultaneously for up to 2 km. It’s a universal intercom system, too, that lets you seamlessly use it with other Sena and non-Sena headsets.

It’s equipped with intuitive voice commands. So, if you get a call, you don’t need to put your hand on your headset just to receive it. All you have to do is use voice commands to receive the phone call. Plus, you can also use voice commands to control music playback and for other purposes.

And, thanks to its NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, pairing the device with your phone has never been easier. It has dual-microphone, too: an internal one for intercom and an external one for listening to the sounds around you.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Uses Bluetooth 4.1Sound clarity could have been improved
Audio multitasking and noise cancellation technologiesA bit too expensive

Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset

The Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 and an EDR Class 1 Stereo headset. This means you can connect it to other devices supporting HSP/HFP (Headset Profile/Hands-Free Profile) and A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile.) The HSP/HFP and A2DP are commonly used in Bluetooth-enabled phones and mp3 devices, respectively.

It has a range of 900 m and a multi-pair function that enables intercom functionality for four people. It comes with a universal microphone kit that includes a wired and a boom mic and a jog dial feature. The latter makes the headset easy to control so you can focus more on the road and less on the controls.

Its individual adjustable volume profile is an awesome feature that lets you save the volume levels of previously connected devices. You can save the music, phone, and intercom volumes at their levels and return to that level once they’re reconnected. This headset also features noise control technology that cuts down background noise for both outgoing and incoming audio.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Equipped with Bluetooth 3.0Intercom range is too low
Advanced noise control featuresSlightly expensive
Individual adjustable volume profiles 

Sena 10S Bluetooth Headset

Like most of the previous models mentioned, the Sena 10S runs on Bluetooth 4.1 and supports HFP/HSP, A2DP, and AVRCP. It has a range of 1.6 km and a multi-way intercom that allows up to four connections.

The intercom feature is universal so you can connect it to other Sena and other non-Sena headsets on the market. What makes it different from other headsets is its app for Android and iPhone. It also has a music-sharing capability and the ability to use it while charging.

It has a built-in radio that lets you listen to FM radio while riding and save the stations for listening later. Its advanced noise control technology makes sure you’ll get that crisp audio sound without background noises and interruptions. It’s water-resistant, too, so you can use it even if it’s lightly raining.

We also forgot to mention that it has the same voice commands and the jog dial mentioned above. While it’s quite expensive, purchasing the Sena 10S is your best bet if you really need the features we listed.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Comes with Bluetooth 4.1Some connection issues
Advanced noise control for crystal-clear HD audioA little too expensive
Has a 1.6 km range 

SMH10R Bluetooth Headset

Low-profile motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more popular. This Sena SMH10R is the best example of a high-quality, low-profile headset with unique sets of features. While it was released a long time ago, it remains one of Sena’s most famous products. It’s so popular that the brand released an updated version called Sena 10R. These two models, however, are still pretty much very identical.

Its lightweight and compact design make this headset ideal for adventure and sport-touring. It features an aerodynamic shape and an additional battery unit that you need to mount on the back of your helmet. This unique design ensures better weight distribution and reduces wind turbulence as well.

It runs on Bluetooth 3.0 while the newer 10R version operates on Bluetooth 4.1. It has a working distance of up to 900 meters in open terrain and can connect up to four people. This headset is water-resistant, too, making the Sena SMH10R the most practical option for many motorists.

However, we think its sound quality is poor and there’s almost no bass coming from the speakers. This is why we won’t recommend this model if you’ll use it mainly for listening to music. We should also add that it’s not easy to install as the other ones on our list.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Low-profile designLow intercom range
Powered by Bluetooth 3.0Sound quality is below average
Individual adjustable volume profilesDifficult to install


Looking for a motorcycle Bluetooth headset can be quite overwhelming. We hope this post has made you consider the brand Sena for your next headset to use with your helmet.

Happy shopping and riding!

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