Top Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Boots You Need To Buy In 2021

Harley-Davidson is an iconic and is perhaps the most popular motorcycle brand today. If you’re a Harley rider, you should also own a pair of Harley boots to complete the iconic Harley-Davidson look.

A Harley-Davidson rider is often associated with underground biker gangs, tattoos, and of course, the abundance of facial hair. The bikes can also come across as obnoxious and very loud. However, all these are just the biker’s simple ways of expressing their personal desire for freedom.

If you can’t afford a Harley, sporting their boots will show your love for the true American brand. Let’s go ahead and take a look at your options!

What are the Best Harley-Davidson Boots Online Today?

Harley-Davidson Roland Motorcycle Boots

Some boots were designed for riding while others for walking. These boots, however, were made to do both.

These Roland Motorcycle boots are made of leather and a nylon mesh in the upper half. This makes them more breathable than a plain leather boot. The only disadvantage we can think of is that your feet can get cold and/or wet. However, we tried taking them through a few puddles and our feet still came out completely dry.

The toe height is slightly taller than your normal cruiser boot. Meaning, you’ll need to make necessary small adjustments to the height of your shifter.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
BreathableNot completely waterproof
Super comfortable 
Come with a side zipper 

Harley-Davidson Beau Boots

We won’t consider these a typical cruiser boot. But, if you’re more into casual weekend rides, owning a pair of these boots wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

They’re a take on the classic HD boots and inspired by the Wolverine series (boots on top with sneaker soles.) The boots also use quality full-grain leather and feature Goodyear welt construction so you’re 100% assured of their quality.

Another highlight of these boots is their side zipper, letting you put them on and off without much hassle. They may be a little tough at first, but with enough time, comfort won’t be an issue at all. Their rubber outsoles are great for oil and slip resistance to give you a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Beau Boots are a combination of durability, security, comfort, and style. They don’t look like your normal cruiser boots as they feature white soles and white stitches. It’s up to you if you find that stylish or not but you’ll surely see heads turn with these on.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Come with a side zipper for easy wearing“Break-in” period is slightly longer
Stylish design, thanks to their contrasting stitch designWhite soles mean they can easily get dirty
Padded ankle protection 

Harley-Davidson Scout Boots

If you’re looking for a professionally-made and timeless pair of boots, these Harley-Davidson Scout Boots are your best bet.

This pair matches the iconic moto-inspiration and comes with a classic harness silhouette. This is no doubt a crowd favorite in terms of leather harness riding boots for men. We just want to warn you that you’ll probably have the same pair with your biking buddy. If that’s not a problem, make sure to check these out.

They’re lighter than typical boots and have Goodyear welted outsoles, which are oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant. This allows them to double as a good pair of work boots. They’re also great for riding and walking the whole day. They’re low-cut and non-insulated so these boots are perfect if you enjoy riding on a hot and humid day.

The neck can be a little tight if you have thicker legs but that’s what the side zipper is there for. We think these boots are perfect and have little bad to say about them.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Have a rubber insoleBoots can feel narrow in the front
Made of quality materialsVery popular, meaning you may share the same pair with a lot of people
Side zipper for hassle-free wearing 

Harley-Davidson Darren Harness Boots

This pair is an excellent value for money. It offers superior comfort and protection and has a beautiful eagle print to show your true and undying patriotism.

These Harley-Davidson Darren Harness Boots are a must-have for passionate Harley riders. They combine the classic cowboy boot silhouette with the iconic Harley-Davidson style. They feature a badass full-color eagle on the front and center as well.

We like the built-in side tabs that make pulling the boots on and off very simple. They’re constructed with premium full-grain leather, too, and feature Goodyear welt construction and slip-resistant soles.

We only feel that they aren’t as comfortable as others and that you’ll need extra time to break in. Another is that they don’t have adjustable laces or straps so you can’t adjust how they hug your leg or foot. You may also want to find a new pair of insoles to help with the fit and comfort since we’re not exactly fans of the ones they came with.

Lastly, we also suggest wearing old socks or a pair of dark socks while wearing this pair. The leather dye can rub off easily and can eventually stain your new socks.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Nice, patriotic designNo adjustable laces or straps
Extended height for added protectionInsole can be uncomfortable
Offer good value for moneyInner dye stains socks

Harley-Davidson Ranger Boots

This is your best bet if comfort is your top priority. It has no break-in period unlike the others on this list, meaning you’ll be comfy from the first day itself.

These quality riding boots are made with the classic Harley-Davidson style combined with a combat boot. This makes them ideal as a pair of work boots. They feel a little heavy at first if you’re used to wearing trainers. However, you’ll be surprised by the flow of movement and how easily you can walk with them.

They also come with an inner zipper, which means you can tailor the fit with the buckles and laces. It also allows you to slide into and out of them easily. Having these features should technically be an advantage but we found it challenging to climb into them after tying the laces.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Very comfortable and stylishA bit heavy
Feature an inner zipper for full adjustabilityMinimal shaft lining
Come with straps and laces for versatilityNot waterproof

How Do I Choose a Pair of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Boots?


Most boots use soft leather, which isn’t sturdy enough when it comes to adventurous biking. This is why Harley riding boots come with thicker, sturdier, and more durable leather to fit your needs.

Choose a pair that feels the most comfortable, is great to walk in, and lasts a long time. The great thing about Harley-Davidson is that they build boots with riders in mind to offer you the best quality.

You also want to consider the sole since this is your main point of contact with the ground while walking. Make sure the boots have a welt-constructed sole, which means the sole is glued and sewed on the boot. This enables you to replace only the soles and not the boots altogether if the soles wear thin.

Plus, look for boots with an anti-slip sole for maximum traction. This gives you an edge when walking on smooth or slippery surfaces and loose surfaces as well.


Most cruiser-style boots have the advantage of having higher soles. They generally have bigger soles than regular boots since cruiser bikes can be wider so there’s less vertical leg reach. The extra sole thickness becomes handy if your feet are searching for the ground. Thicker soles also mean you need to adjust your bike’s levers, which you can do with just a few tools.

Secondly, aside from the height of the soles, you should also think about the ankle height of the boot. Protection is crucial and your boots should at least cover your ankles to provide adequate protection. If you prefer ankle-top boots, make sure they have sufficient padding around the ankles. This can offer more comfort while walking around and protect you in case of a crash.

Meanwhile, ankle-tops aren’t ideal if you’re planning some wet weather riding. For this, you have to look for a longer boot with a waterproof inner lining. While it won’t offer support and protection, it can make walking more difficult especially if they have lace-ups.


These depend on two things: your preference and protection.

Go for a slip-on with a buckle strap over lace-ups if you prefer doing things as quickly as possible. It’s also great if you’re lazy tying the lace each time you go out and untying them once you’re done. Slip-on boots, however, don’t offer enough support and protection if things go wrong.

On the other hand, lace-ups generally provide more support and protection. The downsides are tying and untying them is a hassle. You may also trip over the laces or worse, they can get caught in your bike.


Harley-Davidson is known not only for its badass bikes but also for its quality boots. We hope you consider buying footwear from the brand to enjoy your biking experience to the fullest.

Note: We also suggest going down half or a full size than normal since most Harley-Davidson boots run a size bigger.

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