Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair

Motorcycle riders with long hair almost always feel anxious upon reaching their destination. Do they just take their helmet off or do they look for a “safe spot” first to check their hairstyle? This makes us wonder: is there a proper way of wearing a motorcycle helmet with long hair?

The answer is yes. But luckily, there are several options to choose from so you can pick which one works best. It’s possible to wear a helmet with long hair as long as you know how to arrange your hair correctly.

Here are some ideas on how you can wear your long hair under a motorcycle helmet. Let’s get started!

Why You Need to Know How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair

Avoiding motorcycle helmet hair is a real challenge. You don’t want to reach your destination and look like you have a terrible case of bed hair. Or worse, you don’t want your long hair flattened on top of your skull and look like a fool.

Safety should always be your top concern when wearing a motorcycle helmet. But, knowing how to wear long hair properly can be the difference between being anxious or comfortable the whole trip.

When riding a motorcycle, keep in mind that your hair mustn’t blow around. Secure it so that it sits comfortably under your helmet yet still looks good at the end of your adventure.

Ways on How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair

Wear a Hair Sock

Hair socks are a must-have for any biker with long hair. You can use a simple balaclava for this.

Hair socks are long, tubular socks that are especially popular among riders with dreadlocks. They’re a perfect way to hold the dreadlocks back and control long hair under the helmet. They come in various colors and designs too, so you can easily find one that matches your entire gear.

Pile It on the Top

Simply do a low bow, gather all your hair in one hand, and guide your long tresses into your helmet. Then, stand upright again and secure our chin strap as usual.

In other words, it’s like turning your helmet into a bucket to hold your hair.

This is an excellent trick to make sure that your hair stays out of the way. However, this will only work if you have long, straight hair that cooperates and falls neatly into the helmet. What’s great about this is once you remove the helmet, you can just run your fingers through your hair. And you’re all done!

Meanwhile, for curly hair, you may need to secure it first with an elastic before putting your helmet back.

Use a Scarf

Scarves are great at keeping long hair under control under your helmet. Aside from that, you can also pick a scarf that matches your whole motorcycle outfit.

Place it in a way that covers the front of your head. Then, tie the two loose ends at the back around your long hair so it forms a ponytail. Just make sure to tuck any loose, hanging ends into your jacket so everything stays secure while you’re riding.

Wear a Bandana

Wearing a biker’s bandana is another great way of keeping your long hair back while riding. Plus, you have a lot of fashionable styles to choose so you can pick one that matches your outfit. Or, if you’re like us, you can look for designs with some pretty stones to help you stand out.

Bandanas also fit low over your forehead to help prevent getting red pressure lines from the helmet on your forehead. Many brands offer a range of bandanas specifically made for wearing under your helmet to ensure your hair stays neat.

Tie a Ponytail When Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair

A low ponytail on the nape of the neck is the usual go-to hairstyle of bikers with long hair. But, while this seems like the simplest option, don’t be tempted to use any old rubber band you can find.

Only use fabric bands specifically made for the hair. Using any rubber band will tangle into your hair and will be difficult to remove without pulling your hair out. Moreover, cheap rubber bands may hold your hair too tightly and may give you a headache during your ride.

Just remember that ponytails can get frizzy and tangled once the wind starts blowing on the free hair. To avoid this, place elastic bands at several spots down the length of the ponytail. This will give you a stiff tube of hair, which feels awkward but will better hold your hair in place.

Invest in a Modular Helmet

Modular helmets are more expensive than regular helmets. But, they may be a better option if you have long hair and ride your bike too frequently. Modular helmets give you the safety factor you need. Their design also gives you more flexibility when putting on and taking them off compared to other helmets.

If you have long, thick hair, increase the diameter of the opening when putting the helmet on and taking it off. Doing this will make it less likely to flatten out your hair.

Consider Adding Layers

Consider adding some layers to your hair so it won’t look flat and squashed once you take your helmet off. You don’t need to cut it all off: just add a few shorter parts.

Motorcycle helmets tend to push down the top of the head and pull the hair toward the neck. Therefore, by adding layers, you can still keep the length and make your hair look fuller at the same time.

Add Braids

Braiding your hair is a nice way to keep your long hair neat and out of the way. You’ll also be confident that you look good no matter how many times you put your helmet on or remove it. You can either use a single braid at the back or two side braids. We highly suggest wearing your hair in a French braid to keep your hair flat and stylish.

Utilize Your Face Mask

With the global pandemic still around, chances are you have a face mask or two in your bag. If you forgot to bring hair ties, use the mask to pull your hair up to act as a makeshift hairband.

Pull the cloth part apart to keep your bangs down and any baby hair on the side of your face. Don’t forget to hook the loops around your ears so that it stays secure.

Never Use Hairspray

Hairsprays contain chemicals that may damage the inside of your helmet. They set hair into a certain position, too, so applying hairspray before wearing your helmet will only lead to disappointment.

If you have a specific hairstyle in mind, bring some small bottles of styling products with you instead. Then, after reaching your destination, give your hair a quick style before heading out. You may also want to bring a comb, curling rod, or travel straightener to finish your desired look.

Cut Your Hair When Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair

Notice that we put this suggestion last because we’re sure many of you will disagree with us. However, most riders with long hair agree that riding and comfort are more important than their long tresses. This is why it was easy for them to let go and say goodbye to their long locks.

With that, never cut your hair just before you’re about to go for a ride. This is because it can take hours for small pieces of cut hair to fall away from your head completely. This can make you uncomfortable while riding. Also, the loose hairs flying around may work themselves up in your helmet or anywhere in your body. They can cause some discomfort and are potentially even dangerous.

Tips When Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair

Here are some tips to help you maintain the integrity of your long hair. You can apply them if you have short hair, too, so that it stays nice and healthy:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner before wearing a motorcycle helmet. A well-moisturized hair is less prone to dryness and damage. Spritz on some hair mist, too, to ensure that your hair stays hydrated and less vulnerable to breakage and frizz.
  • See to it that your helmet has the right fit and isn’t tight. If it’s too tight, it will always pull on your hair and lead to hair loss.
  • Never wear your helmet with wet hair. Dry it thoroughly with a towel and blow dry it if possible.
  • Place a piece of cloth inside your helmet before putting it on your head. This will help absorb sweat, protect your hair from breakage, and give you a more comfortable riding experience.
  • Clean the inside of your helmet regularly to remove any sweat and dirt.


As you can see, you have a lot of options to choose from when wearing a motorcycle helmet with long hair. Arriving at your destination after riding a bike doesn’t always have to end up in that dreaded helmet-hair style. With some planning, your long hair can still look good even after being under a helmet for quite some time.

Happy shopping and be safe on the road!

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